How To Write An About Us Page

How To Write An About Us Page 1

How To Write An About Us Page

With a brilliant product concept, a solid business plan, and a well-designed website, you’re already well on your way towards becoming a digital entrepreneur. Yet while traffic is certainly finding its way to your website, for some reason it seldom seems to stick around.

The problem might your About page. Getting your About Page right is extremely important. You may not have considered your “About us” page as a sales page, but the reality is, it’s one of the most important pages on your website.

The first impression a visitor gets of a new website or blog is when they read the about page. Potential customers want to know who you are and what makes your business stand out from the crowd. Your About Us page should leave visitors feeling inspired, excited, and curious about your brand. That is why it’s extremely important to get it right.

Many small business owners put off writing their About Page because they’re uncertain about what it should contain. This is a mistake. Having a strong “About” page is important for your website. It will help you convert your visitors into long-term customers and partners.

To help make your About Us page successful, we’ve put together a collection of essential guidelines.

Know Your Audience

One of the questions your audience may have is whether your website has anything of interest to them. So to make sure they stick around, connect with them in the opening lines of your About section. Whether you’re marketing to aspiring authors, or underwater photographers, state who your target audience is, so they know they’re in the right place.

After all, you want people to read your content, follow your brand on social, and buy your products. By optimizing your About page, you’ll be able to optimize your traffic and grab the attention of your target audience. It will also weed out those who have no interest in your products or services.

Tell Your Story

The thing most people want to know, of course, is what your business is all about, and how it came to be. So this is your chance to really talk up whatever it is that makes your business stand out and separates it from the competition. Tell your readers what they can get from your website, and what makes it so great.

In this section, you can cover everything from how and why you founded your business, to what your aspirations are for its future. Be sure to set out your key principles, and think about anything you can include that demonstrates why your business is quite unlike any of its competitors.

Simple details make your bio more relatable, so don’t be afraid to add in the odd anecdote or explanation. It’s also smart to mention any matters that lend additional credibility to your words, such as reviews or collaborations.

Make It Personal

The other matter that likely interests your audience is the question of who the face behind the brand might be. Remember, your business is more than just an idea; it is personified by you and your passion for its success. As such, it can also help to include a brief description of yourself, your background and your aspirations.

This doesn’t need to be a lengthy piece. However, certain little details, such as the town you grew up in, or where you were when you first came up with your business idea can be great to include. These details give your audience a sense of exclusivity and a glance at some hidden knowledge about you and your brand.

Make It Easy To Find

You could write the most inspiring, engaging, and memorable About Us page ever created. Yet it won’t do any good at all if it can’t be found. In fact, if users can’t navigate efficiently to this page when they first land on your website, they may leave and never return.

A clear, easy-to-find About page makes your website immediately feel more trustworthy and professional. Embracing responsive web design adds a further level of accessibility by ensuring that users can reach the page even when browsing via a mobile device.

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Other useful touches can include providing a translated version of the page, particularly if your audience includes populations who primarily speak a language other than English.

Don’t Forget Your CTA

This might sound elementary, but you’d be amazed by how many sites overlook this prime opportunity to convert followers with a well-placed call to action. The thing is, if someone reads and relates to your About section, then you’ve already begun to win them over. As such, you are in a great position to convert, as they have already shown a direct interest in your product or service.

Keep in mind that many users will scan through a page, not necessarily reading every detail. As such, it is sensible to use more than one CTA, and to display them clearly in different locations. You might, for example, include a linked CTA in the main body of text, and a further, visual CTA elsewhere on the page.

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This can be anything from an invitation to visit your blog, subscribe to your mailing list, or even to make a direct purchase. The aim is to leverage the interest generated by your About section to win them over as a permanent follower and ultimately increase sales.

Don’t let the thought of writing your About page set you on edge. You already have a great idea and a growing business, so all you need to do is fill in the blanks. Let your audience know who you are and what your motivations are, so they can feel more connected to your brand, and its aspirations.

About Pages Resources and About Page Examples

These guidelines above will help you construct the framework of an effective ‘About Us’ section. But remember these tips are not set in stone, and you can shake things up if you think that will appeal more to your chosen audience. As long as you say what needs to be said, how you present it is up to you and your audience.

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