Why You Need A Mobile Ready Site. Mobile Device Usage Statistics.

mobile ready site statistics

Why You Need A Mobile Ready Site. Mobile Device Usage Statistics.

Did you know that over 77% of adults own a smartphone in the USA? It’s not entirely surprising considering everywhere you look everyone is on their smartphone.

Did you also know that mobile traffic has overpassed desktop traffic as share of total global online traffic in 2017? It’s now 52.64% (Source: Statista)

Today it’s practically impossible to survive without your phone. In addition to answering emails, reading news and managing your business, you can also control your home gadgets, monitor your security devices and track your workout. Our phones have become the centerfold for every part of our life seamlessly joining our digital and physical world together.

Your website is part of mobile revolution and must also evolve. So let’s talk about why your website should be designed to look right on mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design Statistics
Infographic by Top Shelf Media

Most users will likely access your website on their mobile device.

Most of us go online to check social media or emails – but how many times a day do we access the web?

Did you wonter what percentage of internet traffic is mobile? When we look at the facts we see that: 69% of people in the US admit to using the internet at least several times a day. Much more compared to the years before smartphones and tablets took over!

One of the most fascinating stats that we came across was that 75% of 18-49 year old’s admitting to using the internet almost constantly throughout the day. Whether that is lounging around or utilizing different technologies at work. We just can’t put our devices down!

Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design involves the creation of mobile ready websites that can be viewed on a wide range of devices.

Developers & designers work hard to bring a personalized experience to as many devices as they can. This helps greatly improve user experience, and has become a staple for web designers globally.

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Page Load Times on Mobile Devices

Ever been to a website and have been left sitting there… waiting… for something to show up? How long do you usually wait before you smash that back button and get the heck out of there?

Studies show that you are going to want to hit that button after just 2 seconds! Over 47% of users believe websites should load in under 2 seconds. And for each second that passes – your conversion rates will drop 7%. People are IMPATIENT! Remember that.

Ecommerce websites need to be careful when testing their page load speeds. Currently, 79% of smartphones users have used their phones to make a purchase in the last 6 months. This is a huge audience site owners could potentially be missing out on if their site loads slowly.

Looking for more Mobile Device Usage Statistics? Here additional resource.


While most of us run our lives from the palm of our hand – there are others trying to help make that experience better each and everyday. Through the creation of responsive websites we help business owners deliver exciting experiences in new and creative ways. However, there are still a ton of websites across the web in need of a responsive touch-up. If you are one of those site owners – contact a professional or start looking into how you can make your website into a responsive dream.

Need to redesign or upgrade your website? Let us know. We offer affordable web design packages, run free website audits and help with search engine optimization.

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