What is Semantic Search and How Does It Impact SEO

what is semantic search

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to increase the number of visits to your website.

It’s crucial for people to be able to find your website and your business online.
You need to use Search engine optimization strategies to ensure your site will get ranked at the top of search engine results guaranteeing that you will get relevant traffic. This is vital in increasing sales and brand recognition of your business.

When it comes to optimizing your website, there is a wide variety of strategies that can be used. Semantic search is one of them.

What is Semantic Search

The study of semantics refers to study of words and their logic. Semantic search is the ability of search engines to interpret the intent and understand the meaning behind user searches in order to provide the most accurate results. By using semantic search, search engines can gain a better understanding of what users are searching for, so they can quickly help them locate the answers to their questions. (Source: Moz)

If you want more traffic, but not sure how to get started, hiring a reputable SEO company might be one way to help grow your business. Companies specializing in improving website SEO should be extremely knowledgeable on what to do to better optimize the site for semantic search.When you approach a company to do digital advertising for your business, make sure they are experienced in the area of SEO and are knowledgeable when it comes to semantic search and other aspects of online marketing including social media, keyword research, link building and technical SEO.

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VIDEO: What is The Future of Semantic Search

So how does semantic based searches affect SEO and what can you do to make sure your content is created with Semantic search in mind.

Focus on Quality

Quality is one of the most important elements when it comes to search engine optimization and semantic site search. This is usually judged in terms of the content you post on your site. One thing most search engines will factor in, is the quality of your content before ranking your website. Semantic search helps find the best answers and most accurate information. By focusing on writing quality content you will help search engines quickly find the answers users are looking for.

Keyword are still important, but focus is shifting to topics

Keyword are still important and relevant. So don’t stop keyword research just yet. You want to make sure you conduct a proper keyword research and pick keywords that are not only popular, but also accurately describe your content. Don’t use outdated tricks like keyword stuffing. Google eventually will find out and your site will get penalized. Instead of using the same keywords, use variations of keywords that are topically related. Use popular keyword research tools such as UberSuggest to find similar keywords you can use.

However, keep in mind that with the latest technological developments, especially in the area of Artificial Intelligence, keywords are becoming less important (Source: Search Engine Journal). Search engines are now using Artificial Intelligence to better understand user intentions and instead of keywords use other cues to offer better results. Search engines when they use semantic search can now interpret and guess what uses are looking for, even before users themselves. By analyzing past searches, locations and other important data that was collected, search engines such as Google can quickly guess what users are looking for and offer the best possible answers based on this information.

Improved User Experience

Ultimately semantic site search is all about providing a better user experience. By using the latest technology and algorithms, search engines can better understand user’s intent and help them find the information they need quicker and more efficiently.

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