Weekly Tip: How To Turn Twitter Followers Into Your Facebook Page Fans

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Getting twitter followers is much easier than getting Facebook fans. With Twitter you can follow a bunch of random people daily and by The Law of Reciprocity many of them will follow you back. However, Facebook is a different beast. People are less likely to follow random facebook accounts they’re not familiar with. The main reason is because they don’t want to see their news feed cluttered by bunch of spammy posts. So they only follow the accounts they know and recognize for publishing quality content.

So how do you go about asking your Twitter followers, which you may have many to also like your Facebook page. Here are few tips and ideas to help you get more likes on Facebook by engaging your Twitter followers.

Give Them a Reason

Give your Twitter followers a compelling reason as to why they should join your Facebook community. A tweet might read, “Great discussion about our newest garden tool range happening right now on Facebook – get involved!”

In addition, don’t be afraid to directly promote your Facebook fan page on Twitter once or twice per week in order to attract new “Likes.” Unlike the approach above, here you simply point people to your page with a message along the lines of “Enjoying our tweets? Why not join us on Facebook too? Click here: “http://www.facebook.com/bigapplemedia“. Create and save 3-4 different variations of this message, so that you don’t repeat the same tweet over and over.

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Bonus: You can now create automatic IFTTT ( https://ifttt.com/ ) recipe, where you can setup a scheduled tweet to go out regularly at a certain time to be posted on your Twetter account. This way you can post your FB invite on Twitter asking your followers to like your FB page without actually manually doing it every day.

Share your Facebook status on Twitter

Whenever you publish something on your Facebook fan page that you think would also be valuable to your Twitter followers, consider sharing with them a direct link to the post. To do this, click on the time stamp of your Facebook status update (a grey link that will read, for example, “16 hours ago,” depending on when you posted it, to open it in on its own individual page. Copy the URL from this page and paste it to make up part of your tweet. Of course, customize the tweet to tell users what they’re clicking over to see!

Note: If you use HootSuite, you can easily repost your tweets on all your connected social media accounts and you can randomly tweet your FB page posts on Twitter, LinkedIn or GooglePlus asking people to like your FB.

Add your Facebook Page URL to your Twitter account

When you create a twitter profile, you may have noticed that you can also include a brief description describing what your Twitter account is about. It’s not very long, but you can include essential information including a link to your Facebook page to make it easy for people to find it. When you write a URL in the description, be sure to write it out in full, (i.e. http://www.facebook.com/bigapplemedia ) otherwise it will not be clickable.

Post often and consistently: be visible and compelling

Don’t spam your customers with dozens of updates a day; but, just as importantly, don’t leave your Facebook page to dry up. One, two or three updates a day is a good target, but at a minimum, you should post is at least a couple of times a week so that you remain on your customers’ radar.

You want to make sure that when Twitter followers come to check your Facebook page, it will be relevant and updated with a lot of cool content they will want to see on their news feed. If they like what they see they will be likely to follow you FB page.

Focus on your brand advocates to increase reach

With the last tip in mind, yo should focus on the most passionate fans on your Twitter account – the people who retweet and engage with your content, and tend to share it with their friends. Keep track of these followers and people who engage with your content by searching Twitter for your post retweets and looking through direct messages you receive. The people who interact with your content are more likely to like your Facebook page also, since they already interested in the type of content you publish by retweeting it and sharing it with their friend and followers.

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