2019 Web Design Trends and Statistics to Bring Your Small Business into the Future (Infographic)

2019 web design trends

2019 Web Design Trends and Statistics to Bring Your Small Business into the Future (Infographic)

The online landscape is ever-changing. From new technologies to upgrades to existing algorithms and shifts in user behavior, there are a million different things happening at once. And change is happening quickly, making staying on top of everything nearly impossible.

Through it all, websites remain a constant. They endure as reliable avenues through which businesses can provide content and services to their consumers. Overall, websites prevail as effective channels for establishing brand identity and building deeper relationships with audiences.

“Why websites and not social media?” you might be wondering.

While the two often complement one another, they are completely different animals. And social media by itself is simply no substitute for a well-designed, smooth running website. Websites offer brands and their users something unique: a dedicated place where decluttered, earnest engagement and business can take place.

“So what are the new trends in web design?”

There are several design trends you should be aware of. In recent years, we’ve seen a steadily increasing shift from computers to mobile devices. This, in turn, has led to the optimization of websites for mobile through responsive design. Nowadays, video is taking center stage as well.

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The future is visual, with augmented reality tech and image search paving the way into new frontiers. The future is also smart, with artificial intelligence and machine learning already slowly integrating into websites in the form of chatbots that can hold their own in conversations. These days, some are even smart enough to dole out shopping suggestions based on previous purchases or items already in a user’s shopping cart.

There’s no doubt about it: venturing forth into this new field is exhilarating. Still, there’s bound to be many challenges along the way. For starters, you might be wondering how effective these new technologies actually are. What sort of new features are out there exactly? How are businesses implementing all this hot new stuff on their sites?

These are all valid questions, and any skepticism you might be feeling now is wholly warranted. After all, making changes to an already existing site is a huge endeavor. However, it’s something that needs to be done every two years if you want to keep your website relevant. The redesign can consume insane amounts of hours, expensive manpower, and pricey tools or software. The cost is bound to be even higher when more complex, less familiar state-of-the-art tech is in play.

So how do you know which website design trends to follow and what features to implement? To help you answer these questions, our friends from DesignAdvisor created this visually stunning web design trends infographic. In it, you’ll find valuable information on the latest web design trends and statistics on the state of the web design industry. Use actionable tips and insights to guide your web design decisions in the future.

INFOGRAPHIC: Web Design Trends and Statistics 2019 Web Design Trends and Statistics to Bring Your Small Business into the Future (Infographic) 1

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