How To Improve Website Visual Hierarchy For Better Design

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When you visit a website, your eye is drawn to certain elements first. This is because of how the designer has structured the visual hierarchy of that page. In this guide, we’ll show you how to improve website’s visual hierarchy for better design.

What role does visual hierarchy play in web design?

The visual hierarchy refers to the order of how you arrange your content and elements on the screen so that it’s easy for your users to read, scan and understand.

The purpose of this order is to make sure that users can easily find information, navigate through pages, and understand what’s going on.

Why is website visual hierarchy important?

The visual hierarchy of a website can be used to improve UI design by making sure there is an obvious way for users to quickly access the content they want. It’s important that your site has a clear visual hierarchy because if you don’t, it will be harder for users to understand what’s going on and they might leave your site without exploring all its features or buying something from you.

You need to think about the hierarchy during the planning stage. What do people need to see first? What is the most important message?

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Visually arranging your content with a clear visual hierarchy helps users scan the page. It allows them to focus on the most important elements first and then figure out what other information might be relevant. Users will understand not only where they are on the page but also what is most important and what is less so, making it easier for them to find what they’re looking for quickly.
Where should these messages go in relation to each other? How can we make content and graphic elements visually appealing and easy to understand for viewer?

Users on the web also tend to scan pages quickly, stopping only when something captures their attention. This is all part of the hierarchy in graphic design.

Website visual hierarchy and UI design

Visual hierarchy is important to all types of design. It’s a key part of UI design, and it’s also very important for website design. Visual hierarchy applies to web app design equally as much as it does website design. In fact, the visual hierarchy on your homepage can set the tone for the rest of your site or app—your users will be able to tell what your priorities are right away!

According to Wikipedia, Visual Hierarchy refers to the arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that implies importance. Visual hierarchy influences the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees.

As a designer, where do you want your visitors to look first? Is it a call to action or a newsletter subscription box? When you’re designing a website, you want visitors to focus on the right elements on the page to drive action.

Visual Hierarchy is the order of the elements on your website to engage the user’s eye. Good designs have a clear hierarchy so their content is easily understood by users.

Visual Hierarchy helps designers create a visual flow that reinforces the objectives and main purpose of the website.

What Can Be Done to Improve Visual Hierarchy

Several elements can be used to create the visual hierarchy. They include color, contrast, text weight, and size. For example, you can use larger fonts for more important elements like titles and smaller ones for subtitles. Buttons and calls to action should be bigger and brighter to make sure they stand out from the rest of the content.
Often using whitespace and adding plenty of space between the sections can also improve the visual flow.

Any experienced designer will tell you, how critical it is to establish a correct visual hierarchy of the page. There are a number of well-established design techniques and principles you can use and they can be easily learned. By learning and applying these principles you will be able to drastically improve your website and how you want the visitors to interact with your content.

The most important thing is to be able to use these elements in the right way. The use of contrasting colors will catch their attention immediately but using too much contrast may be confusing for them. If you want to use more than one color on your website then consider using a neutral color like black or white as an accent color with main colors used in the background or borders of important elements such as headings etc

1. Start with a wireframe

A wireframe is a rough sketch of your website. It’s an outline that gives you, the designer, a clear picture of what the user will see when they access your site.

A wireframe allows you to see how things might actually look and function before you build it because it forces you to think about each screen as part of a greater whole. It also helps you understand the structure of your website, so that when it comes time for coding, nothing will come as a surprise on any level—and more importantly, everything will work together seamlessly.”

2. Use color and contrast

The second tool you can use to create a visual hierarchy is color. Color is the first thing that draws attention to a website, and contrast is the difference between an element on your page and its background. When you want to draw attention to something in particular, use different colors or contrasting elements—large blocks of text versus small blocks of text, for example—to create visual hierarchy. You can also use color as a way to show relationships between elements by using one color for links that go back to previous pages, another for current content, and another for future content (see image below).

3. Employ different sizes and headings

Visual hierarchy is the use of visual cues to create an organized structure. When you have a lot of information to present, it’s important to create a flow that makes sense for your audience. You can do this by using different sizes and shapes to show importance, as well as color schemes. In the image below, each section has a different shape symbolizing what information is most important:

  • The top left-hand corner shows the company name. This is less important than any other part because it doesn’t show what kind of business they do or even where they’re located!
  • The top right section contains their mission statement which describes who they are and why they exist—this is also very important but not quite as much as the next two sections below it since this section doesn’t include any numbers or statistics about current sales numbers (you’ll see more on those later).
  • Next down we have another section with a large red arrow pointing down at us saying “Download Now!”—this tells us where we should go next if we want more information about their service/product line before signing up for free trials etcetera…

Visual hierarchy is important for user experience and engagement. If a user can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll leave your site and never return! The more you know about how to arrange your design elements, the easier it will be to create visually appealing websites that improve usability.

More Visual Hierarchy Resources:


If you want to create eye-catching designs for your website, then you should start with a good visual hierarchy. The order of elements on your pages can make or break the user experience and is something that should be considered at every stage of a project. We hope this article has helped give you some ideas about how to improve the visual hierarchy on your next project!

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