How to Improve Your Website Navigation Menu (Infographic)


In website design, navigation is one of the most vital components for a successful site. One of the ways you can improve the user experience of your website is by creating clear and intuitive navigation. If visitors to your website, can’t find the content easily, they will likely get frustrated and leave your website.

The navigation menu is a collection of links that directs the users to various pages of your website. It is essential to have a well-organized, simple, and easy-to-understand navigation menu for your website.

If visitors to your website can’t find content easily, they will likely get frustrated and leave your website.
As a web designer, you must ensure that site is not only beautiful but also easy to use and navigate.

Good navigation is the key to optimize the conversion of your visitors into customers. Clear and intuitive navigation will increase the usability of your website. Most marketers agree that proper navigation connecting all pages is not only an important feature of a website but also a crucial factor for its success.

Make sure your website menu is intuitive and helps visitors easily orient themselves and find exactly what they need quickly and efficiently.

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Below are a few tips on how you can improve the website navigation menu.

1. Simplify your menu and remove unnecessary links.

Too many links might overwhelm the visitor to your website. Try to eliminate any links that you think might not be essential. Create a secondary menu, in the footer for less important links, if you need to. You can always use internal linking to get to other parts of your website.

2. Limit drop-down menu levels.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice and must include an additional menu level to make it easy to get to all the pages. That’s ok, but don’t’ overdo it, having too many sub-levels, will make your menu look cluttered and less intuitive.

3. Use accurate link descriptions.

Naming links accurately will ensure that the visitors won’t end up where it didn’t want to be after clicking the link. Labels that are descriptive not only will help visitors find the correct pages, but will also improve your search engine results. By helping the search engines understand your content, you will also ensure that they will be aware of what’s your website is about. Try to be specific when naming your navigation links. This will improve your chances of ranking for those keywords. Naming a link “services” will do nothing in improving your search engine results.

4. Organize the order of your links by their importance.

People tend to read from left to right, so make sure to put your links in proper order. The more important links should be on the left. Other less important links like Copyright and Legal Terms can be placed in the footer or somewhere on the bottom of the page, in less visible location.

5. Always link the logo to the main page.

This is a no-brainer. You should always link your logo and include a home page link to make it easy for people to get to your home page.

6. Include a search in the menu to help people find the information they need.

Sometimes, people just want to find something specific on your site. By including a search feature, you can help them find this information quicker than forcing them to click links and go to every page. There is also another benefit of using a search on your site. You can create a report to see what people are searching for and further optimize your site based on that information.

These are just a few tips on what you can do to improve the website navigation menu of your website. Remember, a great site must not only be well-designed, but also easy to navigate. And one way to achieve this is by making your navigation menu simple, clear, and intuitive.

Need more navigation menu tips? Check out the infographic below.

Navigation that keeps visitors and search engines on your site (checkilist) #webmarketing #infographic @PolePositionMKG

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