Underused Content Marketing Tactics That Work Like Magic


Article contributed by Steven Albain

If you’d like your small business to stand out online, then you need to use content marketing.

Content marketing offers tremendous value, making it easier for the company to establish trust and relationship with their audience.

Content marketing has been all the rage in the last few years and you probably already know how effective content marketing can be. The question that most people ask, however, is which content marketing strategy should they use?

With all the varying content marketing strategies taught on the internet, deciding which strategy to implement can be quite confusing.

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If you’re quite unsure yourself about which tactic you should be using, then allow me to share with you three underused content marketing strategies that still work like magic.

Let’s hop right in.

1. Add Resources Pages

I’m sure you’ll agree that there is a difference between how people view resource pages over blog posts.

While blog posts can be crafted lengthier and be more comprehensive so it’d look like a resource page, the stigma (for the lack of a better word) is that blog posts are just that, blog posts.

Resources pages, however, would seem more trustworthy.

It gives the readers an impression that the content they’re reading is well-researched and carefully crafted.

That subconscious feeling, even if unfounded at times, can spell the difference between how the readers will consume your content.

This is precisely the reason why webmasters turn their pillar content into pages, while the content that they publish regularly and don’t give that much attention, they publish as blog posts.

Now that we have that squared away, I encourage you to put up a resource page on your website then add all of your pillar content in that page.

Because your reader’s attention is more heightened when in your resource page, it becomes easier for you to compel them to take action on your offers.

Here’s an example of a simple, yet, effectively designed resource page. (Source)

best resource page

Check out what happens if you click “Useful Downloads” then try to download one of their documents. (Source)


With how crucial the content that KeepTruckin is offering to their readers and how professional-looking their resource page is, it’ll be easier for them to convert their website visitors into leads.

This is a classic strategy that you can use to turn your website visitors into leads.

2. Start a Debate

Here’s the gist of the strategy:

  1. Look for a content that’s written by an influencer.
  2. Check out the influencer’s articles to see if it has truckloads of engagement.
  3. Write something exhaustive that’s controversial or something that’s somewhat against what the influencer wrote. (Note: I’m not telling you to write anything rude, I’m talking about things that are contrary to what the influencer is saying.)
  4. Once your post is published. Post it in your social media account then tag the influencer.
  5. Comment on the influencers post then talk about how your opinion varies from the influencer’s then add a link to your post.

As you can probably imagine based on the steps above, the influencer’s followers are bound to share their thoughts about the opposing ideas that you wrote.

If the influencer’s followers are passionate about their advocacy, then they will most likely read your post, comment about how wrong (or right) you are, and even share your social media post and tag the influencer again.

With these elements in play, your content will have a good chance of going viral.

Not only that, your content will most likely garner truckloads of engagement (especially comments) since the influencer’s audience — whom we expect to be passionate about supporting the influencer— will take the time to point out the good and bad points of your content.

If you’re looking for website traffic, online visibility, and getting audience engagement, then this is one content marketing strategy that you need to give a shot.

3. Repurpose Your Content

Turn your written content into infographics.

When you do this, not only will you spend less time and resource when producing content — since you won’t have to start from scratch to create one — but you’d also be able to capture the audience from varying platforms.

Take a look at a good use of infographics by a company. AnkinLaw created infographics section, where their posts contain infographics to make content more interesting and user friendly.

Here’s a portion of their infographic. (Source)

repurpose content

And here’s the written content version of that infographic. (Source)

content infographics

Did you notice how the content is pretty much the same?

Now that they have an infographic version of their written content, they can post it on image-heavy platforms like Pinterest.com, Visual.ly, or InfographicReviews.com.

Using this strategy will allow the content creator to get more mileage out of their write-up, and expose it to their readers who would rather consume their content differently.

4. Speed Up Your Website

Even though website speed is not a part of content marketing, how fast your pages load does have a direct impact on your content. The slower your website, the more likely it will drive away users who are not willing for your content to load. Also, Google penalizes slow sites, so if you want your content marketing efforts to work, you must work on making your website fast.

Remember that adding graphics-intensive content can drastically slow your site’s load speed.

To keep the site from loading slowly you must optimize your content and images. You can use one of these image optimization tools.

Even better, use a content delivery network to lower your site’s latency. When it comes to improving your site’s load speed and setting up added protection against hackers, CDNs are a go-to strategy that pro marketers use.

To make sure that your site’s load speed is acceptable, you can use a free online tool like GTmetrix to view your site’s performance.

Here are some useful data that GTmetrix can show you about your page. (I used Moz.com as an example.)

moz speed test

With these data points, you’ll have a bit of an idea of what’s causing your page to load slow, and what you ought to be doing to improve your load speed.

Bonus tip: You can repurpose your text-based content into slide presentations, memes, or instructional videos. You can even “cut” them up to bite-sized pieces so you can post them in your social media accounts. Be creative.

What’s next?

With how netizens are experiencing a severe case of banner blindness, and how the internet has become the go-to resource for people to find solutions to their problems, content marketing is poised to grow even more effective in the coming years.

If you’re looking for a tried and tested content marketing strategy that you can use to grow your online visibility, establish your brand, grow your traffic, or increase your sales (among other things), then you need to give the tips we share a shot.

Feel free to comment with your questions, tips, or clarifications in the comments section below. Cheers!

Author: Steven Albain. Steve lives and breathes writing. He writes about marketing, business, sports, cybersecurity, or just about anything and everything under the sun

Photo Source: Pixabay

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