The Ultimate Guide For Embedding Social Media Posts On Your Website

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Everybody knows the web is a visual medium. That is why you always see polls and surveys showing that posts that have images, video & infographics get the most amount of clicks.

Unfortunately, many bloggers are either not savvy enough or don’t have time to create engaging visual content to supplement their blog posts. As the result, even the best written posts that mainly use text tend to get neglected.

Since the most users on the web only tend to skim, much of this text-heavy article won’t get read and users will unlikely to share it.

That is why it’s crucial to make your content as visual and as interactive as possible to encourage others to share it on social media.

So how do you create rich and visually appealing content without wasting hours of your time?

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One easy answer is by embedding rich content from your social media networks.

Did you know that any piece of content you see on your favorite social media websites can be easily embedded on your own blog?

Do you like YouTube video you want to share on your website? It only takes 20 seconds to embed it.
Do you like infographic and photos on Pinterest or Instagram? Both sites make it extremely easy to incorporate their content into your blog and share with your readers.

This is the main reason for this post. I want to show you how you can easily add any content you see on your favorite social media website and post it on your own site to make your posts much more appealing and engaging. So below are the instructions on how to embed social media posts on your personal website.

#1. How to Embed Twitter Feed Post

To publish a Twitter Feed post, you don’t even have to have a Twitter account. Simply go to the search page and find the post you like to embed. In the right corner you’ll see an arrow and once you click it, you will see Embed this Tweet link.

how to embed twitter feed

Use the code generated for you to publish it on your website.

embed twitter

See the example of embedded Twitter post below

#2 How To Embed Facebook Posts.

Facebook also makes it easy for you to share Facebook feed articles and videos on your website. Browse through your feed and find the post you want to embed, click on it and look for 3 dots in the right corner.

how to embed facebook video

After clicking the dots, you should see the Embed link in drop-downtown. Paste the code that FB generates for you, to see it on your website.

See the example of the embedded Facebook post below:

#3 How To Embed Images from Pinterest

You know Pinterest has tons of amazing images and infographics. Wouldn’t it be great if you could embed them in your blog posts and share it with your readers? But of course, you can. You can now save pictures from Pinterest and embed them on your own site by following these steps.

Go to Pinterest, find the image you like, click on the image and when you get to the individual image page in the left corner you’ll see 3 dots.

embed pinterest pins

After clicking on these 3 dots you’ll see a drop down with Embed link. Click on the link which will take you to embed options page. You might want to change the image to a large size so the text can be easily read and then scroll to the bottom to get the code.

pinterest embed code

Did you know that you can now embed an entire Pinterest Board?

Use the Pinterest Widget Builder to accomplish this.

The Ultimate Guide For Embedding Social Media Posts On Your Website 1

Bonus: You can now embed any image you can find on the web using Pinterest. All you have to do is pin the image you want to share to your Pinterest boards and embed it using the steps described. So even if the infographic you like doesn’t have the embed code, it shouldn’t stop you from being able to post it on your website.

Pinterest post example below:


#4 How to Share Instagram Post

Just like all the other social media sites, Instagram makes is very easy to publish images you find in the Instagram feed. First, you need to login into your Instagram account. Then find the photo you want to embed. Once you click on the image on the bottom right corner, you’ll see 3 dots again.
Click on them and you’ll get a popup with one of the links saying Embed.

share instagram post

Copy and paste the code on your website and it should appear same as it does on the Instagram feed.

Instagram post example below:

#5 How to Embed YouTube Videos

YouTube wants you to share its videos makes it super easy to publish them on your website.
To embed the video, visit YouTube and find the video you want to embed. Underneath the video you will see link “Share”.

embed youtube website

Click on that link and select Embed on the popup that will appear. After selecting embed another popup will show up where you will see the code you can use.

youtube embed code

In the same popup, you can modify settings of customizing the video. Easy.

Youtube video embed example below:

#6 How to Embed LinkedIn Posts.

Sharing and embedding posts from LinkedIn is just as easy. As with the rest of social media website you can share and distribute any post you see on its website. Login to your LinkedIn account, find the post you want to embed. Look for 3 tods icon in the top right corner of the post. Click on these 3 dots. You probably see a pattern here.

embed linkedin post

Then select Embed this post link. Next popup will give you a code to copy and past. Copy and paste the code and embed it on your website. Done.

LinkedIn embedded post example below:

#7 How to Embed SlideShare Slides on Your Website

Even though SlideShare is not as popular as other sites, you can still find tons of incredible slide presentations you can use as a way to add interactive content to your website.
First, navigate to SlideShare website, find the slide presentation you want to embed.

In the lower left corner, you’ll see a button that says “Share”. Click on this link and in the next popup, you will see text fields with embed code you can use. You can select to embed iframe or WordPress Shortcode if you have a WordPress website. Iframe is probably more commonly used so I choosing iframe might be a better option. You can also select what slide you want to show first and what dimensions you want to display.

embed slideshare

Copy and paste the code on the page where you want the SlideShare presentation to appear and you should be done.

SlideShare embedded presentation example below:

So as you can see, embedding and sharing visual content from all social media networks is extremely easy to do. Making your page visually stunning is one of the best way to build traffic and encourage visitors to your website to be engaged and share your posts. Use any of these strategies to embed social media on your website and see your traffic and user interaction skyrocket exponentially.

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