Twitter Tip: Quickly Follow Back People Who Follow You on Twitter

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Twitter Tip: Quickly Follow Back People Who Follow You on Twitter

If you used Twitter you know how important it is to build a following. You also probably know that often the best way to get people to follow you is to start following them. This is called the Law of Reciprocity.
This requires that you spend a half hour or an hour each day going and clicking on Follow button of each profile. This can be very time-consuming.

A few years ago there were many 3rd party tools that were capable of following and unfollowing many users automatically without having to click on each one. Unfortunately, Twitter changed their API and their rules and many great tools disappeared. There are few tools that are left, but none of them are as good as the ones that are no longer around and almost none of them are free.

Recently I’ve been looking for a solution to help me automate the process of following my Twitter followers. I simply didn’t want to click manually on hundreds profiles each day.
After some search I found a great Free Chrome extension, that automatically follows everyone who followed you.

That’s right, no more wasting time clicking on each follower. The Chrome extension I’m using is called >

Mass follow for Twitter. And you can find it in Chrome Web Store

It’s very easy to setup and use.

First, install the extension for your Chrome browser.

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1. Then Log into account and go to a page with profiles (followers, following, search, list members, likes/retweets).
After you load the page, click on the extension icon in your toolbar and then you’ll see following buttons, “Follow all” or “Unfollow all”.
4. Select Follow All and leave the page open and let the extension do the work.

That’s it.

Also please read a caution on the plugin page. Limite how many accounts you can follow at once. As always, it’ best to follow Twitter rules and best practices to prevent account suspension/locking.

P.S. In one of our next blog posts, I’ll cover another awesome free tool that will let you easily remove spammy and non-active Twitter accounts. This way you can follow the people who follow you back, but also ensure the accounts you’re following are actually high-quality users who are interested in what you’re posting and not fake useless accounts. Please sign up for our newsletter below to keep receiving valuable marketing and design tips and links.


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