Trends in Online Shopping. What No Online Retailer Should Ignore (Infographic)

online shopping trends

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When do you finally get to put your feet up with your online store and declare, “I am done?” I have some bad news for you – that day will never come. Not if you want your store to continue being successful.

You can, however, lessen the load by keeping on top of the latest online shopping trends. Some of these include an increase in personalized experience, use of multiple shopping channels, customer service automation, and other trends that are a direct result of emerging technologies that have been evolving at tremendous rates.

If you want to learn how to take advantage of these trends, take a look at the infographic below.

You can learn the simple trick that almost doubled Walmart’s mobile statistics and see if it applies to your store.

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You can keep an eagle eye on the current SEO trends to ensure that your website is never left behind. Who knows, you might even become a market leader if you play your cards right.

What we are left with are the top, verifiable stats that will make a huge difference in your business. You will be able to infer many lessons.

Need some help getting started? Here are a few lessons you can learn.

Speedy Delivery Will Be A Major Factor

Everyone wants the cheapest product, right? It doesn’t matter if it takes a few days to arrive if it is saving the customer a few bucks. Oh dear. This is a misconception that could be costing your business a lot of money.

Now, true, if you have a unique product that no one can get anywhere else, people may be willing to wait around for it a little. But what if they could go into their local store and get the same thing?

It might surprise you to learn that the speed of delivery can be a major factor when it comes to making a buying decision. If given a choice, people would want the fastest delivery at the lowest price, and a recent study by shows that 38% of people expect high street retailers to offer same-day delivery.

However, they know that this is not reasonable and many are willing to pay more if it means that they get their goods that much sooner. Cash in on this by offering different postal options – from the cheapest to the most expensive. They can choose.

And that, perhaps, is the most important lesson here. People want to be able to choose. The more you can make this possible for them, the better.

Video Will Dominate.

If you can say or show it in a video, do so. It is less work for your clients and a lot better way for them to see what they get.

Think about it as the perfect marketing tool. Say, for example, that your company sells monthly makeup subscription boxes. You have a couple of choices. You could add a pamphlet to the box, explaining what each item is and what special properties it has.

But, let’s be honest, if I am subscribing to this service I probably already know what mascara does. What if, instead, you uploaded a video tutorial using the supplies in the box.

Your customers get content they are interested in, and you get some extra marketing for your brand.

As you can see there are many emerging trends that will dominate the field of e-commerce.

For more online shopping trends and tips to propel your small business, check out the infographic below from Subsciptiononly.
Thousands of stats were studied and analyzed and are included here to help your business stay competitive in the future.

INFOGRAPHIC: 60 Stats and Trends That Will Define The Future of ECommerce
Trends in Online Shopping. What No Online Retailer Should Ignore (Infographic) 1
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