Top SEO Strategies Used by Marketing Professionals To Boost Rankings

top seo strategies and tips

When it comes to improving SEO ranking, there are many SEO strategies and techniques you can use.

Some are more effective than other, but even the best SEO technques won’t make your blog susscessful overnight.

Bloggers have to be patient and work diligently to produce quality content so they can build consistent traffic to their blog.

Simply creating quality content is not always enough to make your blog successful. You have to use effective SEO strategies to promote your blog to make sure you win over more visitors and build brand recognition.

These days finding the right keywords to use is not enough. You have to keep up with all the latest SEO trends and algorithm changes search engines use to display the results.

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If the users are not spending time on your website and leave as soon as they come, your rankings will suffer. You also have to make sure that you serving users exactly the type of content they’re searching for. There are many methods can work to boost your SEO ranking.

Below is the list of some of the best SEO strategies and tools used by marketing experts that will boost SEO ranking of your content so you can drive more traffic to your website.

Share Your Content Across Many Social Platforms

If you are active on social media websites, then this method might be a great strategy to use, especially if you have many followers. Once you publish new content, make sure to share it across all your social platforms. It will not only bring in more visitors but will also encourage your followers to share it, further increasing the traffic. The more shares your blog posts receive the better chances it has or improving its SEO rankings. To get even more shares, you can ask your followers to directly ask to share your content. Adding “RT” or retweet or “Please share” will encourage others to repost it and share it.

Another important factor that will increase the number of shares, is to add social media sharing widgets that make it easy for others to quickly and easily to share your content.

If you use WordPress, there are many social media sharing plugins available. If you’re looking for a recommendation, Sassy Social Share is a great plugin used on this site.

social media sharing widgets

Make it Easy For Visitors To Contact You and Leave Comments

If Google does not find your website to be trustworthy enough your rankings will suffer. One way to add more credibility to your site to make sure others can easily reach you through a Contact Us page. By allowing others to contact you and leave comments, will show Google that your website is not only trustworthy but encourages interaction. These signals help determine the trustworthiness of your website is and also improve user experience helping Google better see the value of your website.

These social proof factors and signals that show how trustworthy your website is will help build the credibility of your website leading to more business opportunities.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

Regardless of how good and well researched your content is, if the user can’t understand it, it will unlikely result in much traffic. You have to make all your content is easy to skim anf comprehend. Even if you are running a website about a complicated medical phenomenon, you still have to make it convenient for the user to understand it. Google prefers sites that are easy to read so you need to make sure you follow basic content writing rules for the web

  1. Keep your paragraphs short (4 sentences in paragraph)
  2. Write short, simple sentences.
  3. Make your content easy to scan
  4. Avoid jargon and words that most readers won’t comprehend
  5. Put the most important information at the top
  6. Use active voice and address your readers directly
  7. Add visual elements to make your content more interesting
  8. Break up articles on smaller sections
  9. Use sub-titles for each section
  10. Bold important keywords that help easier to find important information

Add Diverse Content To Your Website

Text-only blog posts are boring and don’t get as much attention as ones using different types of media. Adding infographics, images and videos makes your content much more interesting. Humans are visual and rely on visual cues to help them better understand.

Pictures are a great way to tell stories and also enhance the look of your site.

Videos are becoming an extremely popular form of content and that’s why YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the web. Creating videos such as tutorials or how to guide can bring a tremendous amount of traffic if they’re well done.

Experiment with different types of media and visual content to see which types attract more visitors and use the findings to further improve the quality of your content.

Optimize Your Images

Another exciting way to boost your ranking is to optimize the image files you have used on your website. Use the keywords to name your image files to make sure they are tuned. Also make sure to use “alt” tags for every image that contains the keywords you’re want to rank for. To improve website performance, always use the right size images and optimize them to make sure they load quickly. If you’re looking for free image optimization tools, we put together a list of free tools you can easily to shrink the images before posting them on the website.

Images play a significant role in enhancing the look and ranking of your website, and you should never ignore this aspect of SEO ranking.

Keep Your Content Relevant

When you decide to post some content on your website, there are several things that you should consider. First, your content has to be original, and you can’t copy it off of another source and post it as your own, you can’t cheat the algorithm. Secondly, your content can’t be outdated; you have to make sure you only add the most recent information for your readers to read. Thirdly, your content has to be relevant the type of reader you want to attract. It has to be interesting, informative and useful. You want to impress your readers so that they will always want to come back to your website.

With millions of blog posts published every week, it’s crucial you publish content that others will want to read and stand out from the other blogs.

Check and Improve Website Speed

If users who come to your website have to wait for your pages to load, they will quickly lose interest and go somewhere else. The web is full of websites with similar topics, and people will not want to stick around and wait. Furthermore, Google considers page loading speed a major factor and ranks websites with faster page loading speed higher than slower sites. To ensure your website loads fast you need to run speed audit and check to see how quickly your pages load. There are many free tools available so you can use to run the speed test to make sure all your pages load quickly. If you looking for top speed testing tools, we put together an excellent list of free marketing and seo tools where you will find many types of tools including the ones to check the speed of your website.

As you can see there are many tools marketing professionals use to improve SEO and promote their content. Analyzing, optimizing, and promoting are all important strategies that are critical in bringing users to your content and growing traffic of your website.

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