Top 50+ WordPress Website Maintenance Tips [Infographic]

best wordpress tips infographic

Creating an amazing website might have become easier, thanks to WordPress. However, ensuring that the same website remains awesome for a long-term requires a lot of work.

In the world of WordPress, it’s easy to get distracted by the constant stream of new plugins, themes, and other cool new features that come out. However, there is another side to WordPress you should be aware of. The fact is, most WordPress websites don’t run optimally and, worse yet, there are some pretty simple fixes that can go a long way in helping to resolve problems, speed up your website, and eliminate headaches.

If you neglect to properly maintain and update your website, you’ll notice issues like high bounce rates or lower conversion rates start to creep up.

Maintaining your website is crucial if you want your site to be accessible to search engines, as well as users.

If you are running a WordPress website, it is essential for your website to be updated with the latest version of its CMS (Content Management System) software. Updating WordPress is very important for security reasons and also to prevent banning by Google when Google Bot crawls your site. If you update WordPress on a regular basis, your site will remain at the top of search results.

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A well-maintained website helps boost your brand’s credibility and bolster trust & confidence in your customers.

Although WordPress is easy to use, there are lots of settings that you need to consider and changes that you can make. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the most essential WordPress website maintenance tips, so your site remains safe, secure, and operational.

VIDEO: WordPress Website Maintenance – What NEEDS To Be Done and How Much It Will Cost

To help you maintain your website, you can either hire a web design agency or you can try to manage your site’s maintenance on your own. If you choose to do your own updates, you need a guide on how to do this properly. To help you we’re including this comprehensive guide.

This well-researched guide provides you with the top 50+ WordPress website maintenance tips that’ll help you to effectively maintain and secure your website.

Common WordPress website maintenance tasks include:

1. Checking your site’s page speed and download time.
2. Monitoring your site 24/7 for any security threats.
3. Regularly backing up your website and database.
4. Optimizing images, media files, and on-page SEO factors.
5. Checking your web hosting resources, to avoid downtime.
6. Clearing out spam comments and trash.
7. Deleting unnecessary WordPress plugins, widgets, and themes.
8. Monitoring your website analytics and tracking results.
9. Checking your site’s affiliate links, contact form, and email opt-in form.
10. Validating your website via W3C Markup validation service.

The infographic below covers different aspects of WordPress website maintenance. In addition, you will find solutions on how to fix any issue efficiently. If you’re looking for valuable tips, this infographic will teach you the website maintenance tasks you need to perform, in order to optimize your website.

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist (Infographic) – 50+ Essential Tips & Practices by the team at

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your WordPress website is one of the most crucial steps in optimizing your site. It’s easy to get a little lost sometimes when it comes to the endless onslaught of things that need to be done on your WordPress website. Hopefully this infographic and tips we covered in this guide will help you keep your WordPress running smoothly for a long time.

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