Tool Spotlight. Better Project Management with ClickUp. ClickUp Review.

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If you work online you know how important it is to have a reliable project management tool to help you stay organized a be more productive

There a many amazing and free tools available just for this. Asana and Trello are the two most popular. I still use both of these tools to communicate with clients and keep track of my tasks, but I also found another project management tool I like and want to recommend.

This tool is called ClickUp. I discovered this tool through the article on Top 10 Asana alternatives published on AppSumo website and decided to give it a try.

ClickUp Review

ClickUp is a project management app, similar to Asana, which  incorporates many productivity tools into a single app.

You can organize your work by setting up different levels Teams, Spaces, Projects, Lists, and Tasks to help you better manage your workflow. 

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There are many great features like time tracking, task tagging and reminders, custom fields, notifications, and google calendar integrations.

Tool Spotlight. Better Project Management with ClickUp. ClickUp Review. 1

With so many options, it can be overwhelming at first, especially for someone who never used a similar project management tool. I would suggest starting with a basic setup and then incorporate other features as you become more familiar with this app.

VIDEO: Why I Love ClickUp as My New Online Project Management Tool

ClickUp gets high praise and top ratings from many of its users. It’s rated 4.7 out 5 stars on multiple review sites, including Capterra, Software Advice, and Project Management software review site.  

ClickUp vs Asana

If you’re familiar with Asana, you’ll find ClickUp easy to switch to. There are many similarities in how both of these programs function.

If you try ClickUp you’ll notice that it offers many more bells and whistles than Asana. 

ClickUp forever free plan is also more generous than Asana’s and includes many more tools and features. Many users will find ClickUp free plan is all they need to use the app.  If you’re looking to upgrade, the premium plan is only $5 per user, per month. So it shouldn’t deter you from upgrading if you need more than a free account offers.

Another difference is ClickUp gives more control over how you can view the project. You can view it as a list, board, calendar, gantt, timeline, or mind map. I especially like the last one, being a visual person, as it gives a visual representation of your project’s tasks. You can easily customize each view, which can be overwhelming for first time users. 

Both tools can be linked to Google Calendar and integrate with 3rd party apps like Dropbox.

Another nice feature that makes it easy to switch from Asana and Trello is the ability to import all your work from these two programs into ClickUp.

Tool Spotlight. Better Project Management with ClickUp. ClickUp Review. 2

I found ClickUp to be much more customizable and it’s nice to have many features and views to choose from. But it can feel a little overwhelming to new users. ClickUp also offers a number of tools advanced users will appreciate. So there is something everyone will love.

Clickup Tutorials

The basics of ClickUp is easy to figure out, especially if you used Asana or other similar project management tool.

If you’re looking for guides and tutorials, there are many how to videos availableon how to use this tool

You can find many ClickUp tutorials on its own website, as well as ClickUp YouTube Channel

I want to include a few of my favorite ClickUp videos to help you get started. 

Of course, there is no better way to learn than simply use the tool and figure out as you go.

VIDEO: Getting Started in ClickUp 2

VIDEO: Clickup Tour, Pros and Cons, & How to Set It Up (Full ClickUp Review and Tutorial)

Finally, ClickUp is constantly improving the software and adding new features, so it’s likely it will only keep getting better.

So if you like Asana and want a better tool to stay productive, give ClickUp a try.


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