Tips and Tools to Help With Your Link Building Campaign

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When it comes to your ranking, link building will take you to the top. With the amount of information available at everyone’s fingertips these days, it’s crucial to know the right tools and tips to reaching and maintaining the highest domain authority possible.

Your link building campaign should be at the core of your SEO strategy. Having a solid network of quality hyperlinks linking back to your website will build your credibility as a company, and increase your chances of ranking better in the search engine results. Your content will rank higher for keywords if you get external websites to link your pages!

What is Link Building?

Link Building is the task of getting other websites to link back your own. It’s a major determinant in how Google ranks your web pages. Building links will drive the visibility of your company on the internet. In 2017, backlinks were one of the most prominent indications of ranking to Google.

Top Strategies for Link Building

  • Anchor text, or the actual text in your link, plays an important role in your ranking
  • Use SEO tools to help you build your links and monitor your competition
  • Quality of the links over quantity will increase the trust of your site visitors and benefit your company in the long run

VIDEO: Link Building Tips from Brian Dean

Anchor Text

Just like the content you choose to put on your pages, your anchor text gives Google a glimpse into what your site is going to be about, and what it should rank for. Don’t overuse certain keywords in your anchor text, or use an exact match and brand match too much. Diversify the words in your link!

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Looking at the top ranking sites for your keywords in Google will allow you to see which ones are doing well, and which ones are not. Since the 2012 Penguin Update, search engines have begun to identify irrelevant anchor text as spam. In addition, spreading out the keywords in your anchor text will benefit your ranking. Keep it relevant, concise, and succinct.

  • Tips and Tools to Help With Your Link Building Campaign 1

    If you’re looking for more free marketing and SEO tools, check out our growing list of Free SEO & Marketing Tools to help you be more productive.

  • Whitehat SEO Tools

     If you want to know the secret to building links, SEO tools will manage your link building projects, speed up your research, and organize them from start to finish, all while increasing your user satisfaction. SEMrush is a keyword research tool that identifies keywords that seem to be popular in your niche, related keywords and phrases you may want to consider, the average worth of a click on a particular keyword, and how many times on average the keyword is searched. Buzzstream can add websites and social profiles to your database as you browse the web, turn a search result page into an easily browsable list of prospects, and find influencers based on simple keyword searches.

    Solutions like Moz Pro can not only allow you track your sites keyword ranking performance but your competitors’ movement on the search engine results page. Google Alerts can help you monitor when others mention or link back to your website, so you can see if your link building strategies are being successful.

    Quality Over Quantity

    In the world of SEO, less is often more. Building thousands of low-quality links instead of a handful of quality ones will increase the longevity of your company’s success. Placing more importance on both geographic and topical relevance of your links will ensure that the quality of your links meets a high standard. If an already established, or well-received site with a higher pagerank links your content, your rating will be boosted!. The bottom line is that both your site’s authority and relevance are top criteria in attaining quality links.

    Create Quality Content

    In order to gain quality links, you must create high-quality content. By creating visual assets like infographics, videos, and diagrams you can easily earn links when they get reposted on other sites. Original data and statistics are equally as important for getting more links back to your website.

    Another important strategy for obtaining links to your content is by covering interesting topics. If you can make your content informative, entertaining and interesting at the same time, it will encourage others to share. There are many tools available that can help you find the trending and most popular topics. You can use tools such as BuzzSumo to see which posts are being shared the most on social media and write about similar topics. Another great tool for coming up with content ideas is Quora. You can use it to see the most common questions people ask about a specific topic and write content that answers those questions.

    Finally, try to create “evergreen content” that never becomes outdated long after it gets published. Content such as tutorials, product reviews, polls, and how-to guides can often attract long-term traffic and social shares resulting in many more websites linking back to this type of content.

    If you want your website content to be the go to resource on the web, stepping up your SEO game through link building is necessary for moving up in the rankings and search engine results. By utilizing these link building tips and various SEO strategies, such as the ones listed here, will help skyrocket your website traffic and help you grow for many years to come.

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