Technology Trends For Small Business Owners

technology trends for small business

When it comes to technology innovation, small business owners have lots of options, and sorting through them all can be confusing at best. So, how do you decide which tech trends would benefit your business day to day
the most? Here are some recommendations that are not only smart choices but will ultimately help you grow your business.

Streamline Your Point-of-Sale System

What is your checkout experience like? When it comes to making purchases, the last thing you want is to have a cumbersome, off-putting, out-moded checkout experience for your customers. Thankfully, the latest and greatest point-of-sale systems not only create a speedy checkout process, but systems like Square keep data secure, integrate marketing tools, and coordinate with your website so inventory is always up-to-date. Even if you have multiple brick-and-mortar locations, sales are tracked across the board, which can take a big chunk out of your workload.

Add e-Commerce and Dropshipping

Even if you’re not operating in the eCommerce industry, why smart cities do not develop a small online store on the side? Selling unique or highly sought after digital transformation products can boost your overall income and help provide funds for technology tools. An ideal way to run your second business is by dropshipping, meaning you make a low upfront investment and keep your inventory at a warehouse. If you’re unsure which products should comprise your business, there are plenty of recommendations to choose from, such as fidget spinners, cosmetics, and home decor.

Digitize Your Brand

In our increasingly tech-oriented world, a strong digital age presence is a must for small businesses. Even if at first glance a website seems irrelevant to what you do, don’t discount the importance of having one. Some statistics indicate that prospective customers often search the web when deciding where to spend their money; if they can’t find you, you lose out. 

In fact, Forbes points out that these days, it’s not enough to simply have a website. Your customers expect to see an active, engaging website that works well on all devices. So, if you don’t have one, the first thing you need is a showstopping website.

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Hire a Pro

Want an eye-catching, lively, professional website that functions properly on devices of all types, from smartphones to desktops? Your best bet is to hire a freelancer.  A qualified web developer will have proficiency in the latest technologies to ensure your website is coded correctly and is easily found online. Hiring a professional designer or a design agency is a great investment for small business owners who are ready to establish a competitive edge. 

Use Multichannel Approach to Generate Traffic

First-time customers can come from a wide variety of places, especially on the internet. Developing sales funnels can be your key to broadening your customer base, but knowing how to do it can often feel like an unsolvable puzzle. 

Your customers also expect to find your brand on different social media channels. So make sure you create and stay engaged on all the major social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To maximize your social media marketing, you need to be active and stay engaged. One strategy you can try is to create a social media campaign, incorporating things like giveaways, digital coupons, infographics, or live question-and-answer sessions. As followers share your posts, you can draw in shoppers and then bring them back to your website to explore key products, sales, and blog posts. Your followers will appreciate the great deals and fun interaction, and it’s a chance to build brand awareness and boost sales.

Add an App

Have you considered offering your customers an app? If you think that’s only for retail giants, think again. explains that providing an app can take your small business models to the next level. It’s a chance to make your brand more visible since every time users look at their smartphones they will see your icon.

What’s more, you can boost sales with a rewards program only offered through your app. Also, consider it your own marketing channel, since you can use it to communicate with customers about special offers, new products, pricing, and so forth.  When examining your growth opportunities, make sure technology is part of the picture. Consider upgrading to a high-quality website, offering a top-notch point-of-sale experience, and opening a dropshipping business.  Add to that an app tailored to your small business’s needs, and appropriate funneling back to your new, improved website. With thoughtful investing, well-chosen technology can help your small business reach new heights. 

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

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