Survey Email Tactics To Improve Response Rate (infographic)

how to create survey emails

Survey emails are an important part of gathering data for your business. These emails can target customers or people on your mailing list to gather valuable information about the consumer experience.

But how can you avoid sending these emails to spam? How do you ensure that the recipients are actually seeing and engaging with these surveys? Here are three simple tips to improve your open and response rates for survey emails.

Write for Humans

This is a tip that should be at the forefront of any email that you’re sending. Remember, you’re writing for people, not algorithms. When you write your emails with this in mind, you’re more likely to succeed.

It’s important to avoid spammy words, especially in subject lines. Words like “guarantee,” or “urgent,” are often flagged for spam, so your recipient will never see this email. Think about if you have any words that are “red flags” in your own inbox and avoid using them.

People respond to emotions, so write your emails with this in mind. A sense of excitement about your survey helps your email feel more genuine.

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Lastly, remember that most people are reading emails on their phones. Keep the email paragraphs short and make sure that your email will display correctly on mobile displays. 

Personalize Your Subject Lines

If your email addresses the recipient directly, they’re more likely to read and respond to your survey. Write a general template for your survey and use software to personalize the subject line and first line of your emails.

Using your recipient’s name is a simple way to gain more trust and prevent this email from being deleted or sent to spam. Keep a more natural tone throughout your email to elicit more responses from your customers.

Be Concise

A lot of people tend to write in long, complex sentences. Many of us think that this conveys more intelligence, but when your email is too complex, fewer customers will read it.

Keep your language and sentence structure simple and stick to shorter paragraphs with three to four lines. You should also avoid idioms (phrases such as “It’s raining cats and dogs.”)

While keeping a casual tone makes your email more appealing, idioms can be difficult for readers to understand, especially if they’re not native English speakers. 

Offer a Reward

Rewards drastically improve your response rates. Try offering a discount code or raffle entry to email recipients if they fill out your survey. This creates an effective call to action at the end of your email and gives your customers a reason to help you and answer your survey questions.

It can take some time to figure out how to effectively target your customers with your survey emails. Try implementing these strategies and keep track of how your changes affect response rates. This data will help you know which strategies your recipients prefer.

Check out the visual below if you’re looking for more changes that you can make to improve your survey emails. 

Survey Email Tactics Infographic from Chattermill

How to Improve Survey Email Subject Lines

Author Bio: Claire Silverberg is a writer who loves exploring all sorts of topics in her work, such as wellness, business, and lifestyle. On her off days, you can find her honing her skills in the kitchen or reading on her patio.

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