Small Business Marketing Guide (Infographic)

the creative business guide to marketing

Are you a new small business owner? If so, building awareness and building your brand from the ground up can feel overwhelming and complicated — there are usually many moving parts to navigate and figure out. Luckily, an effective small business marketing plan can help you achieve success. 

When you’re running a small business, you don’t have unlimited funds to spend. You need to find effective ways to sell your products and services without spending a fortune.

A proven strategy to build your brand and grow your sales is by using inbound marketing.

Marketing is a great way to engage and draw in new customers, as well as find new opportunities for growing your business.

You can use marketing to respond to reviews, reach out to customers on social media, and build brand recognition. By applying powerful marketing strategies, you can improve your business, build a reputation and increase customer loyalty.

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But where do you begin? The best way to get started is by building a solid foundation. 

To make your small business marketing strategy feel less overwhelming, there are 13 steps you can follow to help you achieve growth.

#1. Identify your audience to learn who to target and what they want from a brand. Doing so can help you figure out what issues they want to be solved, what motivates them to buy, and what platforms they prefer to make purchases on.

#2. Define why you’re different to help you stand out from competitors.

#3. Create an online presence to help drive awareness and build a following — be sure to also encourage your customers to share feedback and reviews so you can learn and grow.

#4. Build a marketing plan to help you stay organized and plan your budget. You can use a SWOT analysis to guide you through the process.

#5. Make a website to help build a presence and sell if you’re in eCommerce. If you can, consider hiring a website developer or website designer to help you.  

#6. Optimize for SEO to make sure you’re visible and seen by those searching what you offer.

#7. Set up social media accounts to create a platform for your followers and those who love your brand. Many customers will look up your social media profiles before purchasing. Make sure you also build out your content calendar and set aside time to brainstorm content.   

#8. Claim listings online to verify your business and prove its legitimacy. It also helps you show up in any “near me” searches that customers may use.

#9. Look into email marketing to expand your reach to your audience and potentially attract new ones. Make sure you have a professional business email address before you begin.  

#10. Consider advertising efforts in conjunction with your marketing efforts, such as PPC advertising. 

#11. Build a rewards and customer loyalty program to keep people coming back and to show your appreciation. You can also utilize coupons and discount codes.  

#12. Get involved with your community to help foster a connection with those around you. To get more involved, you can consider donating to local charities or holding different contests or promotions at other local businesses.  

#13. Ask for help from friends, family, other agencies, business owners, entrepreneurs, and resources online. Build a professional network you can count on when you need support.

Following these steps can help you achieve success for your brand. For more detailed information, check out the infographic from below.

small business marketing infographic
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