Shopify Marketing and SEO Best Practices (Infographic)

seo for shopify infographic

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows anyone with access to the internet to set up an online store quickly and easily. Shopify has grown tremendously in popularity and is one of the leading platform used for starting, growing, and managing online stores. (Here is a quick review of the Shopify platform).

Due to its popularity and ease of use, Shopify experienced tremendous growth resulting in an extremely competitive environment where it’s becoming harder to stand out from thousands of other similar stores and generate the type of income that only a few years ago could be easily attained.

One of the ways to stay ahead of your competition is by using SEO, keyword research, on-page optimization and other proven marketing strategies.

What Is Shopify SEO?

“Shopify SEO is the process of boosting the rank of product pages of an e-commerce store created on the Shopify platform.”

Shopify SEO Strategy

Having a result-focused Shopify SEO strategy makes websites more profitable by increasing the ranking of the website and product pages compared to other sites that don’t use these marketing and SEO strategies.

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If you want to learn how to improve Shopify SEO take a look at tips below and for even more Shopify marketing tips, take a look at the infographic at the bottom of this page for more great ideas.

Keyword Research

For a Shopify e-commerce store, keywords are those search terms that your potential customer use to land on e-commerce stores to find out the products like yours.

Their queries may be to buy a particular product or to get information about a particular product. For example, makeup brushes, best hair dryer, etc.

Analyze all those keywords carefully that define your category and your potential customers are using to find your product brand.

Consider Keyword Intent

Keep in mind, there are different types of searches when it comes to keyword intent. On the basic level, there are 3 types of actions people expect when they conduct searches. (Source: Wordstream: Keyword Intent – The Secret to Attracting the Right Traffic).

  1. Navigational: Searches performed to locate specific product (ex: Hair dryers, t-shirts, makeup brush etc.)
  2. Informational: Searches conducted to find answers or learn something. (ex: How to use makeup brushes, how to design nail art etc.)
  3. Transactional: Searches to find and purchase products (ex: What is the best hair dryer?)

Best tools for finding the right keywords for your Shopify store

There are many ways to identify the right keywords for your online store. Some of the popular tools you can use to find the best keywords include Google Keyword Planner,, KWFinder, SEMRush, and Ubersuggest.

If you’re looking for a longer list, take a look at the list of Free SEO and Online marketing tools to help you with SEO and keyword reseach.

On-Page Optimization For Your Store

One way to enhance the visibility of your Shopify e-commerce store, is by using On-Page Optimization strategies properly. To maximize your on-site optimization consider these guidelines

Shopify On-page optimization tips

Place relevant keywords you discovered during the research phase and include them on the homepage and other main pages of your online store website. Provide a well-organized navigation menu and use internal linking to connect all your pages together to ensure they’re properly indexed. And don’t forget to submit sitemap to google to ensure it knows about all the pages that reside on your site.

Use permalinks to make customized links for your products and use keywords in your product URLs. Give a page title and meta description that also contain a specific keyword.

Include keywords in your product categories so that they can be easily found in search engine results.

Optimize your blog posts by using informational keywords. For example, “how to design the best nail art”, “top makeup brands 2019”, etc.

Link building Strategy for Shopify stores

For e-commerce merchants, link building is a powerful and inexpensive way to boost the rank of their product pages. Link building increases your site visibility by increasing website authority score. The more reputable sites link to your website, the higher your ranking score becomes resulting in higher search engine visibility. It also increases your brand recognition. Some of the ways to build high-quality links include guest posting, press release sites, Google news sites, and directory submissions. Moz, AHREFS, and SEMRUSH are the best tools to identify and analyze the website authority of a particular site to see if you want to pursue link building. Creating valuable content like product reviews, how to guides and videos are other ways to attract valuable links to your store.

Shopify SEO Strategy

As you can see many of the SEO and marketing rules that apply to a regular website also apply to Shopify and other e-commerce sites. In order to promote and drive traffic to your store, you have to utilize many strategies including, Keyword Research, On-page Optimization, Link Building, use of social media and responsive design.

To learn more about Shopify marketing and SEO strategies, check out this infographic from Liquiddo

Shopify Marketing and SEO Best Practices (Infographic) 1
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