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As a business, you start thinking about the implications of Youtube becoming the second largest search engine in the world today. You can’t run away from adding video as an element in your content marketing strategy.

‘How to’ videos are becoming very popular, and this is something that you can use to attract potential customers.

These are reasons why people turn to Youtube taken from “The Values of Youtube Study” Oct 2017:

65% – For fixing something in my home or car
57% – For entertainment
56% – For learning a new thing
54% – For satisfying curiosity about something
54% – For problem-solving
50% – For finding something unique
42% – For relaxation
39% – For relieving stress
38% – For inspiration or motivation
37% – For improving skills at work or school

Content is essential, but we must not forget that what matters is that your target audience finds your content.

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SEO is an excellent tool to use for your content to be discovered. There are SEO tactics that can be applied to video, but there are some differences that you need to keep in mind.

Christopher Penn of BrainTrust Insights shared steps small companies should follow when it comes to video marketing strategy.

VIDEO: Video Marketing Strategy for Companies

Video Optimization and Marketing Tips

Just like in written content, the quality of your video content has to be high. You must do the proper research in understanding what your audience is interested in watching.

You can check out forums and question and answer sites like Quora to get a feel for what people are talking about. Take note of the most discussed topic and consider it as part of your keyword targets.

It would be helpful to use keyword research tools like SEMRush, Moz or Ubersuggest to find more words and phrases that you can target.

Once you finish your video, you can start distribution on the various social media platforms.

90% of top performing videos on Youtube have custom made thumbnails. Video imagery helps attract more viewers and increase the time spent watching the video.

There are free tools on the internet that can help you create attractive thumbnails. You can also use a screenshot or an image taken from your video. This may seem like a little task, but the difference between making one and leaving it up to Youtube to choose for you can spell success or failure.

Audio Optimization Tips

Penn stresses a point in his webinar that great video starts with great audio. This gives us a great insight showing that people will watch a poor video with excellent sound and are likely to skip videos with no sound at all.

The sound is a powerful way of engaging your viewers. It may be true that many Facebook users watch a video with no sound, while 95% of Youtube ads are viewed with the sound on.

There is a 20% increase in brand awareness for viewers who watch both video and audio compared to those who watch audio or video alone.

Youtube and other platforms use AI to make transcripts and closed captions from your video’s audio. This is why you need to produce good quality audio because it translates to having good quality transcripts. This, in turn, leads to better SEO.

There is an open source tool that you can use to create separate audio files for your video. FFmpeg can also help you convert sound files into different audio formats.

Video Supporting Text

Search engines are better in crawling and indexing text compared to images and sound. This means that the text you use in titles and descriptions matters a lot in video SEO.

Keywords are vital in your videos metadata and supporting text. Avoid keyword stuffing and stick to using keyword variations.

Transcripts can help platforms know what your video is about. You can write them manually, but it would be better if tools with AI are used to assist you.

There are transcription services like Google Speech to text API, Amazon Transcribe and Watson Speech to Text that can convert sound files into text transcripts.

Additional SEO Video Resources

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