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It is all too easy to fall into a routine when it comes to your day-to-day SEO tasks. While there is an undeniable comfort to draw from the feeling of just sitting down and going through the motions, checking off the tasks, and finishing your work, when it comes to SEO, you can’t get complacent. The world of digital marketing moves fast, and this includes SEO. Every day there are new tools and techniques you need to understand and implement. You must keep up with all the latest SEO developments if you want to stay relevant when it comes to SEO.

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Be Selective

Be selective when it comes to new SEO strategies instead of trying to adopt every new SEO tactic. As a digital marketing agency, Digital Freak works on SEO projects for a number of different companies working in a variety of industries. Various techniques work differently for different clients. For example, our own SEO efforts can be viably directed towards getting our website blog included in high-profile link roundups (just like this one at Big Apple Media). However, there is far less opportunity for clients who work in less popular niches like the commercial painting industry or private security, for example. There are far fewer opportunities for guest blogging and link exchanges in those fields. Instead, they might use other strategies including social media and paid advertising to generate more awareness needed to grow their business. When it comes to deciding which SEO techniques to use, you need to be selective and try different ones to see which ones work best.

Keep Up with The Latest SEO Developments

To stay relevant, it is crucial to add new, innovative, and cutting-edge techniques to your SEO to ride the ever-changing wave of the Internet. Users are always demanding more from their online experiences and if you’re not delivering or not appearing in the right places, you will become invisible. If you’re not using the latest strategies and keeping up with all the changes, you might check up on your analytics and find your SERP placement has stagnated or even started to fall. You must keep up with all the latest search engine and online marketing developments, to make sure you follow all the recommendations and not breaking any rules.

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Times change, the Internet changes, and we have to change with it.

Research & Learn

Digital Freak has a list of SEO tasks we complete for each client every week. And one of those tasks is titled ‘research’. Each week, we put aside time to learn about a new SEO tactic that may suit our clients. In the past, this research has led us to add Quora questions to our weekly to-do list, prompted us to sign up for more social bookmarking sites and has led to the discovery of niche industry-based directories.

It takes some time to see the results of SEO work. We typically test each new tactic for about two months before deciding whether to add it permanently to the list or deem it ineffective. Similarly, while we’re adding new techniques, we also review to see which of our ongoing tasks are no longer as effective as they once were or are not worth the time we invest in completing them. By testing and revising, we become more adept at using the right tools and techniques that get the best results.

Review and Revise

In addition to learning and implementing new skills, don’t forget to review and analyze the strategies you’re currently using to see if they’re still working. Every few months, we review all the keywords we selected for each client. This review does not only allow us to see exactly how keyword rankings have changed, but also lets us discuss the results with clients to make sure they’re happy with our results. By seeing how their SERP placement has improved, clients can assess their company’s online performance and recognize the value we offer. We then use this data to see which keywords we will continue to track, as well as which SEO tactics we need to increase our emphasis on as we move forward.

Remember, SEO and online marketing changes all the time and your complacency threatens the results of your SEO. You need to keep up with all the latest changes and don’t let your tactics get stale or your competition will have a chance to get ahead. It’s crucial to keep your knowledge fresh and up-to-date. You must constantly test and review all the latest tactics to see which ones work better so you make the necessary adjustments to your SEO knowledge and efforts.

Ruth Lemon: Content Director At Digital Freak.  As a passionate writer, I craft copy and content which engages customers and converts to sales.

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