6 Reasons Why You Should Continue SEO Efforts during COVID-19

seo during covid-19

The global economy has been taking a beating ever since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The impact of the coronavirus is undeniable, as we see countless businesses across industries shut down.

For businesses that continue operations, cutting down marketing budgets—SEO included—is likely on the table. Some might even consider stopping SEO efforts altogether. That, however, would be a big mistake.

If anything, you should continue your SEO efforts amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in the worst of downtimes, some businesses will thrive nonetheless. With the help of SEO professionals, your business could be among the winners despite COVID-19.

Here are six reasons why you should continue your SEO efforts during this pandemic.

1. You Wouldn’t Want to Waste All Past SEO Work

Many companies have folded because of the pandemic, but Google isn’t one of them. In fact, Google might just be witnessing what could literally be the biggest search term ever in “coronavirus.” Google and the rest of the search engines will still be going strong during COVID-19.

If your website ranked high before COVID-19, stopping your SEO efforts now will mean losing those rankings to your competitors. It would be best if you assumed they wouldn’t put their SEO efforts on hold. If your competition puts in the work now, it’s only a matter of time before they take away your top positions on Google.

You have a better chance of stopping that from happening if you keep up the SEO work despite the pandemic.

2. We Still Need Products and Services

For all you know, the COVID-19 pandemic could be the beginning of the end. Still, that doesn’t make the need for products and services go away. On the contrary, people need them more than ever.  By continuing to employ effective SEO and SEM strategies, you should be able to reach consumers with buying intent more easily.

3. People Search When Goods Are In Short Supply

Search engines are still up, meaning people are going to use them to find the products they need. Goods tend to be scarce during times like these. People will keep trying to find them, and will seek alternatives in case they aren’t available.

This scarcity of products is something you can capitalize on by doing your best to rank for those items. Ranking in Google searches for those much sought-after goods can mean good things for your business. Even topics revolving around scarce products are worth ranking for in this situation.

4. SEO Is Revenue-Generating

As previously stated, people are still going to need products and services. Most people are stuck at home because of stay-at-home orders. That makes them even more likely to search and purchase things online. You would want your brand to be there when people decide to buy. By continuing SEO work, you can put yourself in a position to make money. It’s just what your business needs to survive in the time of coronavirus.

Sure, with the COVID-19 situation, you could still end up with reduced overall sales. You can, however, always make up for your losses by making your business highly visible to your target market. Investing in a comprehensive SEO marketing strategy can help you do just that.

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5. There Is Less Competition

There is no question about the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses. Many enterprises have given up. Some of them may even be your competitors.

Now you might think that the downtime means you can slack off on your SEO efforts. On the contrary, now is the best time to boost your SEO efforts.

Continue your implementing search engine marketing programs during the pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis may take some time, but you can say the same thing about positive SEO results. They don’t happen overnight.

Don’t take SEO lightly in the time of COVID-19, so you’ll be ahead of the pack by the time it goes away.

6. COVID-19 WILL Go Away

Things may look bad right now, but most people are optimistic that the COVID-19 pandemic will end. Science may find a vaccine or a cure in the coming months. It could also simply go away like the Spanish Flu and many other pandemics in history.

While it’s true that we’re going to see a lot of changes in the coronavirus’s aftermath, some things will stay the same. The overall effectiveness of search engine marketing in reaching people, for example, will remain. If you didn’t stop your optimization efforts during COVID-19, then your business will likely reap a lot of SEO rewards when life returns to normal. Without a doubt, the world is going to survive COVID-19. To better your business’s chances of doing the same, get on with your search engine optimization efforts, pandemic or not.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Continue SEO Efforts during COVID-19 1

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