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Resource Of The Week:

In addition to doing a weekly link roundup of the best web design and online marketing resources, I decided to start another weekly feature where I spotlight one of my favorite tools I use or can highly recommend.

Your life can be so much easier if you find the right tools to use. So every week I want to share some of my favorite tools I use daily in running my online business.

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This week I want to recommend a tool I recently found called Witeboard ( As you probably guessed it, whiteboard does exactly what it sounds. It’s a free collaborative online whiteboard where multiple users can share their notes in real time. To share it, you only need to create and share the link of your current board.

This minimal app is extremely easy to use. No registration required. You only get 3 tools, text, pen and eraser. There is also history tool that allows you to go back if you make a mistake.

Another nice feature is its shape detection. This means that whenever you use a pen tool your poorly drawn scribbles get turned into nicely formed shapes. It’s not perfect, but as you can see from the video it does a good job.

So next time you’re looking to collaborate with others virtually and need a whiteboard everyone can see and use, head to for this easy to use tool.

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