How To Use Reddit To Find Keywords and Content Ideas

Reddit SEO Tips

Reddit is an undiscovered tool of useful resources for digital marketers. Unfortunately for most digital marketers the managing of accounts on a day to day basis leaves us flustered and exhausted. It rarely happens but every so often a momentous occasion occurs when you find a short cut to help you through your day. That is where Reddit comes in, luckily for you we’ve done the hard work and are now going to share with you some useful tips for creating new piece of  content and managing those complex accounts.

Creating Content ideas

Reddit has an abundance of potential customers and finding them is relatively topic ideas, all you have to do is use subreddits. Trying to promote your own products and services organically here can be time-consuming but there are some useful hints content explorer on Reddit that we can take advantage of straight away.The first tip is using Reddit to help you through writers block by letting your audience choose your content,blog post and marketing ideas. By google search volume through your niche and filtering hot topics you can see what people want to read. There is a strong chance that these people have probably already Googled this finding content and didn’t find the type of content online. Some great opportunities here and getting this information takes about 15 seconds.

How To Use Reddit To Find Keywords and Content Ideas 1

Just by choosing your niche and sorting the results by “hot” you are able to find possible topics that people could potentially be looking for on Google.

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Above you can see this, both possible topics are very controversial site explorer and engaging opportunities for gaining a larger  search query volume and engagement with your audience.

Finding Keywords Before Google

Google’s keyword tool isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, just like other tools it’s not perfect and sometimes misses grreat opportunities. Sometimes the keyword tool answer the public leaves out possible topics your niche might be talking about. Other times Google might miss new topics or developments in your industry. It is important that you don’t miss these opportunities and that you take advantage of them before your competition does.

To get started, find your niche using Reedits Subreddits. Then locate the  topics you’re interested in.

This tactic takes a little bit more time but gives you a great insight into how your potential clients could be searching for your products.

By entering a topic and clicking “CTRL” + “F” and then searching through different words it won’t be long before you start to notice trends. From this you can decipher new words that might be of use to you.

How To Use Reddit To Find Keywords and Content Ideas 2

Keyword volume on Reddit

In this instance what I noticed was that Google keyword planner wasn’t connecting certain keywords as being similar. Take a look at the difference between “true events” and “true story”. The searcher is clearly looking for long tail keywords the same thing but the phrases aren’t connected in the keyword tool. If it wasn’t for Reddit you might be stuck with one keyword wondering how you might increase your target audience.

How To Use Reddit To Find Keywords and Content Ideas 3

Opportunity Lost

Because Google search engine never suggested these keywords you would have lost out on a fifth to your potential market if only targeting “true stories”.

There are many opportunities to find starting point competitive keywords and discover new trends you can take advantage off before Google disovers it.

Reddit can be a lot of work but the benefits can pay off.

Kieran Daly, business owner of Grange Web Design. We have been creating design and websites for Irish and International clients for over 5 years. Our specialty is great customer contact, speed of delivery and right first time.

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