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Client: Nonprofit Foundation

LDRFA is a non-profit foundation providing resources and information for students and adults suffering from different types of learning disabilities including anxiety, ADHD and others.

Client Testimonial

“We hired Gene and Big Apple Media to develop our website LDRFA.org. Our previous developer experiences were not positive, to put it mildly!

I was highly impressed by the ease of use and flexible customization options we were presented with. The website was much improved and well designed. The completed website was ready and launched on the date we agreed. – Zahavit Paz | Founder

Zahavit Paz

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SEO & Keyword Research
Web Designer
Web Designer
Web Designer
WordPress Development
Web Designer

Project Details


LDRFA website was extremely outdated and poorly designed. It was impossible to navigate or find any information.


The website was completely redesigned to make sure it’s fully responsive. The content was reorganized to make it easy to navigate. The organization depends on donation and we worked closely with clients to implement ways for people to easily make donations and become long term supporters.


affordable website seo servicesAfter the initial launch, we worked with LDRFA and helped them grow by implementing marketing strategies that include email marketing, SEO, content marketing, and link building. As a result, the traffic continues to grow and the website is now ranking for many industry keywords.


The new website is much easier to navigate and use. We are continuing to work with LDRFA to help them increase traffic by focusing on social engagement, content marketing, and partner outreach programs.


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