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Nutrition, Health, SEO, WordPress


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Client: Chef & TV Personality

Chef Leticia is a healthy cooking and lifestyle expert specializing in Brazilian cuisine. She appeared on numerous TV programs and written a number of popular cook books.

Client Testimonial

I worked with Big Apple Media and had an awesome experience! They built a brand-new website for me in about 1 month, and I couldn’t be happier! Their understanding of WordPress is incredible and efficiency in executing the work is right up there. I would highly recommend Big Apple Media for anyone, or any company who is looking to develop and design a new website! What a pleasure to work with!” – Leticia

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SEO & Keyword Research
Web Designer
Web Designer
Web Designer
WordPress Development
Web Designer

Project Details


Leticia hired another web development company to redesign her website. Unfortunately, the website was poorly designed and Leticia was very disappointed with the final result so she hired Big Apple Media to redesign it again and make badly needed improvements.


Rather than trying to fix the previous version, the website was completely redone using a new and improved WordPress template. Also branding, color palette, and fonts were incorporated into the new version of the website to accurately represent Chef Leticia’s brand. As the result, the website was greatly improved. Navigation is much more intuitive, better graphics and use of space resulted in website looking more modern and friendly, and at the same time more professional.


At the time, Leticia was extremely happy with the design of the website. The design remained functional until it was recently updated by another agency.

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