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Real Estate Investment Web Design

real estate investment web design

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Client: Real Estate

Multi Family Growth is a real estate investment firm specializing in buying underperforming and mismanaged apartment properties.

Client Testimonial

We had to redesign our website for years and kept pushing it away due to having a very busy home care business. Gene reached out to us after evaluating our website. He didn’t add any fluff like most people do when they say ‘we can make your website better.

Gene told us exactly what we were missing, why, and what he’s going to do to fix it.

Since our website is the face of our business I personally got involved. I have built a few websites in the past myself and have worked with other professionals under my various websites.

With Gene, I had the best experience to date! Gene is professional, courteous, creative, patient, and very reasonable.

I highly recommend Gene to anyone looking to give their website a clean wash and have it looking amazing without breaking the bank. He will give you very smart ideas that you may not have thought of. We were so impressed with him that we now have Gene’s company host our website and be our guy going forward with anything related to our website. He’s a rear find!
” – Mohammed | Founder

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SEO & Keyword Research
Web Designer
Web Designer
Web Designer
WordPress Development
Web Designer

Project Details


The company had a website, but it was extremely poorly designed. There were many broken links, problems with the layout and poorly selected graphics. There was also no logo or consistent branding elements.


Instead of trying to fix the old website, we built a brand-new website. The website was redesigned from the ground up and is using WordPress and is mobile friendly. It’s simple and easy to navigate. We also incorporate lead generation features like newsletter sign-ups, e-book download, and clear calls to action. The new website is informative, visually appealing, and fast loading.


The clients was happy with the final result, especially because it was done on a short notice with the development time being less than a month.

real estate investment web design

Gene is Web Developer & the Founder of BigAppleMedia. He helps clients get leads & grow traffic by building smart & result driven websites and applying the latest SEO strategies. Schedule a Free Consultation

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