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HTML, CSS, WordPress, UX, SEO


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Client: Psychiatrist

Imagine Emotional Wellness is a mental health practice for Priscilla. She is a telehealth psychiatrist who provides psychiatric evaluations and treatments to patients through virtual means, such as video conferencing. 

She helps her patients with mental health conditions and provides support and guidance to help them manage their symptoms and improve their overall well-being. 

Client Testimonial

“I was overwhelmed about having to redo my website, but Gene helped me and everything felt a lot more manageable. He involved me every step of the process, was very communicative, and consistent in following up even when I was busy and forgot to respond!”

Priscilla Web Redesign Health
Priscilla C. | Psychiatrist

Skills Used

SEO & Keyword Research
Web Designer
Web Designer
WordPress Development
Web Designer
Web Designer
Content Review & Audit
Web Designer

Project Details


Priscilla originally had her website hosted on Squarespace. She wanted to improve the website and scale it, but didn’t like the Squarespace platform.

Also the original website had too much text and was difficult to navigate. The content was poorly organized with huge blocks of text and without any kind of logic or hierarchy.



Because Priscilla liked the overall look and feel, we kept original colors and style. 

However besides the general look and feel, everything else was updated and improved. 

After a careful content audit, we reorganized the structure and navigation. Most of the text was consolidated and organized making the website much easier to navigate and find information.

The website was switched to responsive fast loading WordPress theme. We also ensured the website can be easily updated and managed by the client.


A new website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and provides users with the information they need to find quickly and efficiently. 

The new redesign is already getting high praises and positive feedback.

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