Popular Digital Marketing Tools & Strategies for Finding B2B Clients

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Ask any business, regardless if they’re dealing with other businesses or customers, what their number one problem is and most will tell you it’s finding new leads. If businesses want to survive they constantly need to get new leads.

The difference between the businesses that thrive and the ones that struggle is the tools they use. By automating the lead generation process and using the right type of tools and strategies, companies can get a constant flow of new customers. In this post, we want to share some of the popular tools and strategies that help B2B companies find new leads and grow their business.

Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the main strategies businesses rely on to bring in traffic and get new leads. More traffic coming to your website whether it’s from social media or other channels, means more business for you. That’s why it’s important to use social media but also analyze the data to see where the traffic is coming from. By studying statistics, you’ll know what social media sites you need to focus on. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter can contribute to your traffic, but not all traffic is created equal. Use Google Analytics to figure out what social channels are driving the results and giving you the best ROI (return on your investment).

Link: quuu.co

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Quu is a third-party scheduling tool for posting the best content on social media. It posts articles from the web to your social media profile. This will result in hundreds of mentions and opportunities to engage with a relevant audience and bring traffic to your content. You can choose several categories of content and the Quuu curates and collects articles matching your business and then posts it on your social media.

Link: www.leadfeeder.com

Leadfeeder is a B2B web tool that provides real sales leads by giving you a list of companies that visited your website. Leaderfeed is able to sort leads by industry, by country, or by the websites they visit. Leadfeeder sorts and sends quality sales leads to your sales team so they can focus on selling to the right market.

Email Automation Tools

Email is still a solid choice to do marketing for your business. It has stood the test of time and still is an effective tool for B2B lead generation. However, the latest development in email marketing is marketing automation. Marketing email automation tools allow businesses to automate the process of sending personalized messages to customers and leads. Traditional newsletters and emails are still important, but, with this new technology, you can target different users at different stages of their marketing journey.

Did you know that automated emails get click rates 119% higher than broadcast emails? (Source: Optin Monster)

There are many marketing automation companies helping businesses simplify the lead generation process so they can focus on running their business rather than wasting time looking for leads.

Additional Marketing Automation Resources

GetResponse Automation
link: www.getresponse.com

GetResponse is an online all-in-one marketing platform to help grow your business. It provides services such as Email Marketing, Webinars, Landing Pages, and Marketing Automation. Through email marketing, you can grow your list and increase the conversion rate and your audience’s engagement. Triggered emails seem like one-on-one conversations showing that you took time to respond to customer’s needs and that their needs are important and that you follow-up. GetResponse offers basic automation as well as On-Demand Content. Emails which are triggered by Calendar Events, by behavior, by changes in profile data, or events in other platforms. These options work well in B2B companies helping them build relationships.

link: www.bidsketch.com

For many businesses play an important role in sealing the deal. This is where Bidsketch comes in. Bidsketch is a web application that you can use to create proposals. Usually, the process of putting together a proposal can take hours. With Birdketch you can create professional proposals in minutes, It also can be integrated with SalesForce. An online signature is another feature that makes this tool attractive to onboarding B2B clients. You don’t have to send a separate document to sign when the client reviews and approves the proposal.

Online UTM Tool
Chrome Webstore Download Link

UTM or Urchin Tracking Module is a small bit of code appended at the end of a URL or link. If this is added to a URL, It shows where your traffic comes from. This leaves the guesswork out and gives you a much better understanding of how people navigate your website and what sites do they come from.

Using utm tools combined with your Google Analytics and search console will give you a much deeper understanding when you analyze your website data. Once you know how users find you and what sites they come from, you can then use this information to further improve your marketing efforts.

Finding leads is crucial for the survival of any business. The following tools and tips will help you grow your traffic and convert this traffic into leads.

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