Top Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

advantages of mobile marketing strategy

Article contributed by Joe Peters

If you run or own a small business, you need to use every strategy at your disposal. Competition is fierce, so if you don’t give it your all, you risk having customers go to other companies.

One aspect of marketing that every company should be focusing on is mobile.

Around 75% of customers report being contacted by businesses on their mobile devices. So make sure you are targeting those users to increase conversions.

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In this article, we will discuss five powerful ways small businesses can utilize mobile marketing strategies to take advantage of this powerful trend that permeated every level of our society.

Text Marketing

Far too many businesses underestimate the power of text and SMS marketing. Text messaging is much more than casual chatting — it’s a great mobile marketing strategy.

Even financial institutions are getting in on the trend now, sending important information via texts.

If it works for these large organizations where security is of the utmost importance, then it can work for virtually any business.

One of the aspects that make text marketing viable is that it is very affordable and often even free.

Most people have their text notifications set to alert them via popups, so they will likely see your message within minutes of your sending it.

You can create opt-in campaigns that allow customers to receive your alerts, and even rewards, from your company.

Perhaps you have a new product to announce or want to boost sales with a promotion. It’s all possible through text messaging.

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Mobile-Friendly Website

A crucial aspect of mobile marketing is ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly.

After all, this is where you will be sending prospects to purchase something, and they’ll need to browse it for more information in a convenient way.

There are different styles required for mobile websites.

If you neglect to optimize your site for smartphones and even tablets, you risk losing a lot of business because it will be difficult to navigate.

There are a few things you should do to make your site mobile-friendly.

Fast Load Times

If your website loads slowly, it can negatively affect your small business in many ways. Not only does it negatively affect your SEO, but customers will also be frustrated and leave.

To improve load times, compress images and remove unnecessary JavaScript software running in the background.

Responsive Design

Your users could be accessing your site from a variety of potential devices. Ensure that your site is responsive so that it displays all elements correctly.

The last thing you want is someone who wants to purchase a product but can’t navigate your site.

Change Buttons

Any clickable element is going to be a “tappable” element on mobile. That means your buttons should all be large enough that your customers can comfortably find and select them.

Enhance Your Social Presence

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t just about sharing funny memes or other casual activities.

Optimizing your social presence can mean a big boost in your mobile marketing efforts.

There are over 4 billion users on social media, and a great number of them are using mobile devices to engage with it.

So if you are not on social media with an active business account, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

A good strategy is to create content that is valuable and highly shareable. This way, you increase your authority in your niche.

You also increase your visibility across the web when people share your engaging content.

Make sure the personality of your brand comes through. It is a chance to start a conversation with your market on your terms.

It also means you should be answering questions on a timely basis so that people can see your company cares about their needs.

Email Marketing

Email is certainly not dead. It may not be as “exciting” as emerging technologies, but it is a powerful tool for your mobile marketing arsenal.

This is especially true considering that 81% of people prefer to use mobile devices when checking their emails.

A powerful email marketing campaign can keep your audience engaged until they are ready to buy.

You can inform them of special discounts, new products, and important company news. Additionally, you can link to helpful content that drives traffic to your business.

Just like your website, your emails should be optimized for mobile.

Many email programs do this for you automatically.

However, if you are building it from scratch, here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Narrow Text Width – A width of about 600px or less will ensure that your emails are easily skimmable, especially on smaller devices.
  • Simplicity – You don’t want your customers to get distracted. Make sure you limit excess elements and focus on your message.
  • Forms – Create clickable buttons to different locations on your site, where users can fill out mobile forms for more information.

As with everything else, user experience is everything.

Create Your Own Business App

Mobile apps are sometimes on the pricey side, but worth every penny. There are numerous benefits to mobile apps, including personalization, direct access, and scalability.

The opportunities to generate positive ROI from your mobile app are endless.

You can send notifications right in the app and prevent customers from going to the competition by keeping them in your ecosystem.

When developing an app, make sure that it reflects your business branding in terms of image and messaging.

Then, ensure that you keep it regularly updated, so users want to keep using it.


Long gone are the days where radio ads and billboards were the best way to advertise your business.

In fact, even a simple website is not enough for small businesses these days. You need a mobile marketing approach to capture as much traffic as possible.

Of course, you also need to implement mobile responsiveness and ensure that your mobile audience can access your content and products.

So review the five tips above and ensure you are checking off all the boxes on your mobile marketing. That way, you can achieve greater revenue growth in the future.

Joe Peters is a Baltimore-based freelance writer and an ultimate techie. When he is not working his magic as a marketing consultant, this incurable tech junkie devours the news on the latest gadgets and binge-watches his favorite TV shows. Follow him on @bmorepeters.

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