Marketing Tip: Why It’s Important to Include Call To Action In Your Content

why use call to action

Marketing Tip: Why It’s Important to Include Call To Action In Your Content

Never assume. Every piece of your content needs to tell visitors what to do next. Some examples of CTAs may include filling in a contact form, signup for a newsletter or downloading a free ebook.
Your content, your landing pages, your emails all need to have a clear calls-to-action.

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In addition to including your CTA on every piece of your content, you need to make sure your Call To Action elements stand out. To make your CTAs more noticeable, you can apply different colors, use plenty of white space around them, and make them bigger and more prominent.

Also, make your call-to-action elements very clear and specific. Users shouldn’t have to guess what they’re signing up for. Instead of using generic terms like, “Submit” on the form button, say something specific like “Download eBook”.

All your call-to-action should include incorporate following principles: they should be action-oriented, have significant value, use persuasive and clear copy, include strong visuals, and create a sense of urgency.

Think of call to action elements as guideposts to help users on their journey through your content. You don’t want visitors to your website or landing page, only to read one article and leave. You want to build a connection with your users. CTA is one of many tools that can help build engagement and improve your lead generation efforts.

Additional call-to-action resources


Call to Action Cheat Sheet. Create the most effective CTAs!

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