How Businesses Are Making the Most of Mobile Marketing (Infographic)

mobile marketing infographic

How Businesses Are Making the Most of Mobile Marketing (Infographic)

Infographic contributed by AppGeeks

Mobile marketing has become a must-use strategy for companies that want to grow. It enables you to send personalized information to customers wherever they are, together with time-sensitive and location-based info.

Mobile Marketing also provides many strategies for businesses to use or even experiment to see which method works best like through the use of push notifications, QR codes, emails, SMS messaging, app-based marketing, Bluetooth and in-game marketing. By using new tools and strategies, many businesses can stay innovative and achieve their marketing objectives.

Moreover, it has a rising conversion rate which is currently at 64% and a widespread reach – 92% of people own mobile phones as compared to 73% of those that owned desktops or computers. And these mobile phone owners spend 59% of their time using their phones.

Seeing as mobile marketing is quite profitable, the infographic below, courtesy to AppGeeks, shows that many businesses have taken to using text messaging to increase sales, get new subscribers and boost engagement.

For instance, Starbucks ran an SMS campaign in which customers needed to register for the “My Starbucks Reward” program using their gift cards. This resulted in customers loading $1.2 billion onto Starbucks gift cards in a year.

Pizza Hut used an SMS promotion to send sms messages which raised their sales by 142%, while Seattle Sun Tan tanning salon used text messaging to run offers and launch a discount campaign. This generated around $200k from customers who redeemed the initial offer and also gained 4.7k new mobile subscribers.

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Other usages of mobile marketing by companies include capitalizing on interactive and do-it-yourself videos to increase engagement and sales, re-designing the mobile sites to reduce load time, increase click-through-rates and conversion rates.

Also, some businesses have created apps to increase their reach, showcase what they’re selling and provide a seamless online shopping experience. Asda Supermarket chain created an app for online shopping and it accounts for 18% of all the company’s grocery shopping sales. Further, it recorded mobile shopping frequency 1.8 times higher than that of a desktop.

On the hand, Halifax made use of a Home Finder app to help property hunters easily find nearby houses for sale and this helped them reach more than 20 million people.

For more on how businesses are taking advantage of mobile marketing, check out the infographic below:

How Businesses Are Making the Most of Mobile Marketing (Infographic) 1

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