Learn How To Write Powerful High Ranking Blog Post (Infographic)

How to write good blog posts

Writing viral content doesn’t require a degree in writing. However, it does demand time, research and strategic planning.

By understanding the topic, your audience and knowing the steps required, you can create a powerful post that can generate tons of organic traffic. Checkout the infographic from SmartBlogger and follow the steps outlined below to craft an epic blog post.

STEP 1: Identify the Audience & Their Pain Points

When you start to write a blog post, one of the first things you must do is get to identify and get to know your ideal audience. What type of content are they interested in? Try to understand and uncover their pain points and focus on solving these frustrating issues they want to solve.

STEP 2: Focus on Specific Problem

Instead of writing about general topics, focus on specific problems and offer solutions. To discover your reader’s problems, read through the comments on your website, or questions users email you. You can also browse sites such as Quora or Alignable or Answer The Public to see what questions people are asking.

You can confirm topics by using keyword research tools such as Buzzsumo and Ubersuggest to ensure it’s a popular topic worth writing about.

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Once you know what questions people ask, you can write articles and how to guides solving these problems and drive traffic to your website.

Step 3: Perform Competitive Analysis

It’s very likely that your blog post is not going to be the first one covering the topic you’re writing about. To make your article better than your competition, conduct thorough research to see what has been written on the subject and what you can do to improve it.

Step 4: Use the Skyscraper Technique

You can use a strategy such as a Skyscraper Technique popularized by Bryan Dean to create better content that’s already there. By taking high ranking content and making it even better, you have a good chance to outperform your competition and get better rankings. However, it will take lots of work to create content that is significantly better.

To outperform other blogs consider writing a longer article, include more resources and use infographics, videos and charts.

Remember adding visual content can greatly enhance user experience and increase the popularity of your post. Take a look at some of the articles published by Neil Patel. Every post he creates is full of charts, graphics, and images. People love reading his blog and he gets thousands of shares.

By analyzing your competition and creating better content, you can increase your ranking and grow your traffic.

Step 5: Write Irresistible Headlines

Without having an irresistible headline the chances of your article becoming popular diminish drastically. The headline can make or break your post. People skim and if the headline doesn’t grab their attention, it’s unlikely they’ll want to read your post. Take the time to research and come up with an irresistible headline that people can’t help but click.

Headline Writing Resources:

Step 6: Do the Research

When creating a post, find out as much as you can about the topic and find supporting information to back up your writing. Find and link to other reputable sites, see if there were studies done to support your writing and points you present. Embed infographic, videos, and charts. Find reputable sources and link to them.

Step 7: Outline the Main Points

After you check the competition, decide on the topic, craft your headline and do your research, the next thing you must do is to create an outline of your post.

Your outline should include the main points which will become the sections of your article.  Each section should have its own sub-headline summarizing content within its section. It’s also important for sub-headings to have the keywords you want to rank for to help with SEO.

Step 8: Use Your Findings To Write Your Post

Once you’re finished outlining your post and finalize your main points you can start writing the body of the article. Incorporate the findings and the research you conducted. Your article is only as valuable as the information it provides.

Step 9: Review and Revise

Review what you have written to make sure it’s logical and easy to follow. Remove any text that doesn’t support your points. Ask others to review and proofread. You can also use tools like Hemingway App to help you fix your grammar and improve your writing. Get rid of filler words, jargon or other elements that make your writing less effective.

Step 10: Promote Your Content

Even the best content won’t get off the ground if it’s not properly promoted. Publishing your blog post is only half the battle. You need to put effort into letting the world know that your blog post is ready. Promote your article by emailing your subscribers, sharing it on social media,  reaching out to influencers. You can also repurpose it on other writing platforms like Medium and LinkedIn.

Another popular strategy to get more traction for your post is by reposting it more than once on social media.  Take a look at the post from Neil Pate on benefits of posting multiple times on social media (https://neilpatel.com/blog/double-your-social-media-traffic/)

Step 11: Analyze and Repeat

After you finish writing and promoting your post, analyze and review the results. Did the traffic come from social networks or search engines? How long did visitors stay? Did they read a whole post? How many times was the article shared? Did visitors leave right away or check out other pages on your site? What keywords is your post ranking?

By analyzing this information you can continue to improve your writing and continue to improve in your writing.

Becoming a better writer and creating viral posts is something that can be learned. If you follow steps covered in this guide you’ll see your traffic grow and your skills improve with each blog post you publish.

The Epic Content Cycle Infographic

<p><a href=”https://smartblogger.com/epic-content-cycle-infographic/”>The Epic Content Cycle Infographic from SmartBlogger.com</a></p>

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