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Article contributed by Junaid Ali Qureshi | Progostech.

If you want to generate leads for your website you need a balance between your marketing message, strategic activities and your sales pitch. Your marketing message is the words that drive prospects and customers to your website, your strategic activities are the activities you carry out to get people to your website and your sales pitch is about the generation of conversions on your website.

To generate leads you have to clearly define your plan.

Define a Lead

You have a plan of action when you define a lead and clearly state how you plan on generating it on your website. Decide what you want to do. Do you want to create leads from people that engage your website and want to pay for your product or service or do you want to create leads from people who want the products or services you offer on your website?

Leads mean different things to different people and different businesses. Your products and services can be marketed in diverse ways if you engage in online marketing. With online marketing, you can target multiple audiences.

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Focus on Growing Your Website Traffic

You can drive more traffic to your website if your website is interesting, informative and useful. Having more traffic on your website validates your marketing effort. You can focus on getting leads from your website when you already have website traffic. There are also many marketing agencies that specialize in helping small business grow their traffic and in lead conversions.

Refine Your Marketing Message

You should structure your marketing message to the needs of our target audience. Magento e-commerce agency can help you have a guiding approach and tailor your marketing message. It is important that you build a relationship with your audience as it increases your sales and credibility. If you want to generate leads for your website, you have to combine an exceptional sales pitch with a brilliant call to action.

To generate leads you have to empathize with your audience, nurture them and retain them. Your products or services should be presented as the solution to the problems that the prospects and customer have. Consistently engage with your audience, build your credibility, use keywords in your content, educate your prospects and your customers, avoid empty promises, avoid false claims and ask your audience questions and conduct surveys to find their pain points.

Publicize your product or service to your target audience as audiences are diverse and they have different values, desires and motives. Your website should enhance the user experience if you want to generate leads. You will increase your conversion rate when you tailor your website.

Engage in strategic activities

You will traffic to your website and generate leads when you engage in strategic activities. You can drive traffic to your website by engaging the services of a web development company or by:

Advertise online

It is important that you start an online marketing campaign if you want to drive traffic to your website. More people see your business when you advertise online. More people can get to your website when they click your online ad. When prospects or customers click your ad they are directed to your website. You can improve your marketing efforts by investing in online advertising and this will generate more leads to your website.

Publicize and Socialize

You should use every resource at your disposal to publicize your business and tell people what you are doing. You should optimally use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram to get leads. You can also create posts that advertise your website, use online ads and add your website link on your social media account.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Email marketing can also generate leads for your business. With email marketing, you can share your blog posts, company news, your updates and marketing activities.

Get Local

Make sure you use online local listings. Use Google My Business listing to aid audience find your business and your website when they are searching for products and services you offer. You can raise awareness and generate leads by also submitting your business information to online local listing sites and search engines.

Start a Blog

You can drive traffic to your website by publishing content on blogs. Post relevant contents in your blog and put relevant keywords in your content. Audiences will be drawn to your blog and website when Google ranks your content highly. You should be effective and consistently post blogs.

Increase Conversion Rates of Your Web Pages

Having conversion elements on your website is important if you want to generate leads. You should test all pages on your website to know where you can get more conversions. You should also test different layouts to know which pages give you the most engagement, conversions and bounce rates.

Add forms to pages that generate traffic. You should engage in email marketing and add the newsletter sign up forms to pages that generate traffic. Be active in social media marketing campaigns, engage users via live chat and post blogs.

You can measure your lead performance by using tools such as Website Grader to test your lead generators. You can also evaluate your landing page, internal reports and call-to-action (CTA) clicks.


You will generate more leads when you have an effective well-written sales pitch. Your sales pitch is about how you want to sell your product or service while your landing page is the destination your prospects or customers get to after they click the online ad you placed on the web. Your landing page should offer value to your audiences and give them the information they need to know.

Content is important in your landing page and sales pitch as they bridge the gap between your goals and your marketing activities.

Use and Optimize Landing Pages

To maximize your marketing, use targeted landing pages. Make sure to optimize your landing pages to get the best results. Call-to-actions on your landing page can help prospects and customers make decisions that are valuable to your business such as generating leads.

Build Trust

You can further improve the conversions of your landing pages and your website by adding elements that increase social proof and build trust. For example, you can include testimonials, create case studies and incorporate social media if you have many followers.  You can also create a public relations page and add links, articles or videos where you or your business have been mentioned. The point is to show that you are an expert and others consider your an expert in your field.

Have a Clear Message and Intentions

Your audience needs to have confidence in your website and trust in your business if you want to generate more leads for your website.

You can communicate your intentions, build trust and improve website conversions by:

  1. Having a compelling sales pitch that addresses the needs of your audience.
  2. Publishing your contact number and email so that your audience can make inquiries. This lends credibility to your website.
  3. Demonstrate the value of your website by publishing sales copies.
  4. Using clear call-to-actions to tell your audience what you want them to do.
  5. Optimize your lead generation process: You are targeting the wrong audience if you have traffic and do not have conversion. Try your best to meet the expectations of your audience. With Web development companies you can optimize your lead generation process. Make sure your landing page is related to your ad if you want to generate leads. To make sure you have optimal lead generation. You have to run an A/B test on your landing page.

Perform A/B Testing

You can test different types of CTAs, Thank Your pages and Welcome emails to see what works better. You can also make landing pages since they can greatly increase the conversions.

Host Webinars

Webinars generate leads by helping you engage with audiences interested in the products or services you offer. Hosting webinars shows to your prospects and customers that you want to build relationships, it shows customers that you are knowledgeable and it shows them that you want to share your expertise.

Develop Persona for Your customers

There are different types of customers online and you should develop customer persona as it is about the different customer types. You will be able to get more leads for your website when you understand a customer persona. It is important that you know the needs of your customers, engage with customers and know their buying cycle. Clearly state the actions you want your audience to take by using call-to-actions.

Encourage Signups

This is getting prospects and customers interested in your products or services to subscribe to your email list or follow your business on your social media platforms.

When people register on your database you will be able to communicate with them and retarget them in your marketing efforts and this will generate more leads.

Boost Engagement With Pop-ups

You can use pop-up softwares such as SumoMe and Opt-in Monster to get people to convert and generate leads. But be careful. Too many popups might annoy your visitors and they might get frustrated and leave your site.

Lead generation plays an important part in growing your business. You need to grow the traffic and convert the visitors into fans and customers. This article covers many strategies you can use to increase website conversions.

There are many other factors that play an important role in the success of any website. Mastering link building, SEO, pay per click, content marketing, and many other marketing techniques will ensure your website will continue to grow and prosper.

Learn How To Generate More Leads for Your Website 1Author: Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform the competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech, Magentodevelopers.online, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.

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