Is Your Content Converting? How to Create High-Converting Content


Before you took your business online, you spent some time looking for a strategy that would turn your website into a prospecting machine. All the articles you read had one thing in common; they all insisted that good content would help you convert prospects into new customers. For this reason, you hired a content expert to help you come up with good content. The web content expert did not disappoint. He came up with brilliant and well-thought pieces that promised to transform viewers into new customers within a short period.

After launching your website, however, you realized that your content was not converting as you anticipated. Your competitor’s content is not as good as yours, yet they are getting more traffic, not to mention that they are getting new clients every day. What are they doing differently? Well, they are using a time-tested content making guideline that ensures every piece they write achieves the metrics required to convert. Want to come up with good content that will help you convert more? Follow this guideline.

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Understand Your Audience

You should note that your conversion success depends on your targeted audience and the technique you use to win them. It is, therefore, essential to ensure you know exactly who your clients are. Knowing the audience means identifying the ideal customer who is facing the problem you are trying to solve. You should ensure that you know your customer’s gender, income bracket, age, occupation, marital status, and geographical location to come up with relevant and more effective content.

There are many methods that you can use to learn more about your targeted audience. If these methods are too expensive for you, you may consider using analytics software, which is free and easy to use. Analytics software will help you create a rough picture of who your customers are, and this will help you engage with them on a more personal level.

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Identify Content Ideas That Work

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For many content writers, creating and executing content ideas isn’t a problem. However, identifying a content idea that works can be a little tricky. However, if you invest time in searching for great content ideas, you’ll certainly get those that match your needs and wants. You can get valuable content ideas from leading content sources, infographics, Slideshare presentations, magazine covers, and other related sources. Valuable content ideas will not only help you convert prospects into new clients but also grow your company, increase sales and ultimately transform your business into an indomitable force in your area of focus.

Monitoring what your competitors are doing can also help you get a valuable content idea. However, you should never copy your competitor’s content. Copying makes you lose originality, not to mention that it could lead to copyright issues. When you identify a content idea, try to make it your own. Give it a touch of creativity to make it sound unique and catchy. Regardless of the content idea you use, ensure you follow these two rules:

  • Each piece should be designed to answer a question at a particular place in your customer’s journey.
  • Make sure you use a content distribution channel that moves your viewers smoothly through the stages of a customer’s journey, from one stage to the next.

Your Content Should Match Your Targeted Customer’s Needs

Making your content match your customer’s wants and needs involve availing the content that satisfies their curiosity and solves their problems. Besides, the content should be readily available every step of the way. How can you achieve this? Here is how.

Ensure Your Content Accommodates The Entire Buyers’ Journey

Your viewers are all on different and unique journeys searching for different content. Therefore, before you publish your content, conduct an audit to ensure that your content speaks to all your customer personas and captures all phases of the buyer’s journey, from discovery to consideration and finally buying.

Diversify Your Content Mix

Every client consumes content differently. Some prefer infographics, and some would rather read blog posts or listen to a podcast. Creating your content and chopping it into small pieces before spreading it using different content distribution channels can help diversify your content mix. You may find it as a non-pocket friendly method but believe me it can drive you more conversions. If for example, you are developing an article on coffee and its benefits. You might include videos and images related to coffee in your piece. What you can do is you can make use of such graphics to promote your content through social media channels. You might post the video on Facebook and drive your followers to your article or you might keep the images in the Instagram story with some catchy lines and add the link of your article with the swipe up feature.

Make Your Content Discoverable

Content discoverability plays a significant role when it comes to improving your content conversion rate. After all, how can your content improve your conversion rate if no one finds it? If you don’t make your content accessible, it will be lost in the archives. This not only involves making your website easy to navigate but also means that each piece you post should be strategically placed to meet this goal.

Have A Strategy Behind Your Content 

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Another conversion mistake that you can make is not having a strategy behind your content. Your content will be useless if you have no strategy. When writing your content, make sure that you answer this question; what do hope to achieve? Make sure that your content supports your prospecting strategy. This will help you lure more new customers. The content you post should also support your SEO strategy. If your content is SEO-friendly, your site will appear among the top on search engines results, which means more brand visibility. Being ranked among the top on search engines also means that viewers will trust you more, and this will increase your conversion rate.

Use Enticing Headlines

Good headlines play an important role in conversion rate optimization. Therefore, you need to ensure that every piece you post on your website has a clear headline that is enticing and simple to understand. The headline should also address the problem being faced by the viewer. You don’t have to spend lots of hours coming up with creative headlines. No! Even a small tweak on your headlines can improve your conversion rate.


There is more to content than writing, publishing, and sharing. Your content tells us about your brand and solutions. It tells us the difference between you and your competitors. It should, therefore, address the problem being faced by customers and provide a solution in a way that is unique, clear, and understandable. If you fail to fine-tune your content, you are less likely to win customers.

If you want to learn more check out this video from Adam Erhart The Modern Marketing Show.

VIDEO: How To Write Great Content – Content Marketing For Your Blog, Website, Or Ads

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