53 Essential Features for Small Business Websites [Infographic]

small business website design tips

You’ll be surprised to find that sometimes having a website can actually be bad for a business. A poorly designed site can do more damage than good. At the same time, a well-designed website can have many benefits and limitless potential. It can boost revenue and increase brand recognition for any type of business no […]

Online Image Copyright Laws. What You Need To Know (Infographic)

images online copyright

With the growth of the internet over the last 20+ years and some of the free marketplaces it’s created, the line often becomes blurred between what’s available for free and what isn’t. Back in the early 00’s, sites like Napster made music freely available to the masses and probably changed the music industry forever. While […]

Three Big Internet Marketing Myths Examined

big marketing myths

Like any other large market, online marketing is full of myths. Here, we’re going to examine some of the bigger ones and see whether there’s any truth in them! 1. Overnight success is possible This depends on your definition of overnight. If you take it at its most literal – put up something today, hit […]