Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate With These Powerful Homepage Elements (Infographic)

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Looking for ways to boost conversion rates? One place to start is to take a good look at your site’s home page. The homepage is your introduction to your website. It’s where your visitors first land when they visit your site, and it needs to be engaging and intuitive.

It’s your opportunity to tell a story, describe your product or service, and explain what makes you different from the competition. A well-executed homepage is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy.

Here is a brief look into the homepage features every e-commerce website needs to improve customer experience and increase conversions.

Important Home Page Features

An Easy-to-Find Search Bar

Absolutely vital in today’s no-time-to-browse world, a site’s search bar needs to be prominent and provide visitors with the option to find their desired items quickly. Typically, it’s located in the right-hand corner close to the top and should include Autofill.

A Well-Defined Site Navigation

Customers want to be able to quickly find what they’re looking for. It’s been proven that well-defined navigation increases a website’s conversion rate. It is a major contributor to the success of e-commerce sites and blog pages alike. It helps the users to find the content they are looking for and increases the usability of your online shop.

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A Place for Social Proof and Testimonials

A great way to gain customer trust is to use testimonials, statistics, awards, certificates, and other elements on your homepage. Research shows that consumers trust recommendations from other customers over any other form of marketing. And, according to a Hubspot survey, most of the customers trust online reviews as much or more than they trust recommendations from family and friends. That is why social proof is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolkit.

Ample Space for Product Presentation

Showing off your business’s best-selling or newest products on the home page is an excellent way to grab user attention. Make this part of the page stand out with powerful images and teaser text. These elements quickly direct visitors to a collection or product page, potentially reducing the likelihood of losing their interest.

An Eye-Catching Display of a Current Promotion

A designated spot for a promotion is another lure to products or services you want visitors to notice immediately. Whether in the form of a sale, markdown, or product giveaway, this featured portion of the page should be prominent and flaunt eye-catching visuals. Be sure to include a clear call to action.

A Frequently Asked Questions Page

Another effective tactic to improve SEO is to create a FAQ page. Lots of queries on search engines are in question form. Having a Q and A section can help the site rank higher by matching search intent through highly relevant keyword phrases. By answering frequently asked questions, you will be able to give visitors a helpful overview of your products and services, as well as quickly address any concerns they have.

An “About Us” Page

It’s important to personalize your website. No one likes to buy from a faceless corporation. People like to deal with people. Many customers want to learn about the company and who’s behind it, before making a purchase. An about page is an indispensable tool for increasing trust between you and your audience. It can also be a great place to share your story, highlight your background and make it easier for site visitors to decide if they want to learn more about your business or organization.

Gaining Credibility

Implementing design elements and optimization features such as these can help increase organic traffic and greatly boost your website conversions. What’s more, they could go a long way in boosting a site’s trustworthiness.

For further tips on improving the home page, please check out this Infographic from Straight North

Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate With These Powerful Homepage Elements (Infographic) 1
Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate With These Powerful Homepage Elements (Infographic) 2

Author: Aaron Wittersheim is Chief Operating Officer at Straight North, an Internet marketing agency. He has helped startups, middle-market firms, and Fortune 500 companies improve organizational structure and grow through his expertise in process conception, task automation, and internal project management.

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