Best Tools To Check Domain Authority and How To Increase It

domain authority ranking

Domain authority score is a  search engine ranking system developed by Moz SEO company. It helps to predict how well the given website will rank in the Google search results.

 In the old days, a website was judged based on its Google PageRank. Google PageRank used to have a 0-10 ranking score, but it was not updated frequently and didn’t show the real difference between the pages. If you made improvements to your website, you had to wait several months until Google updated its PageRank number and increased your page ranking. Because it wasn’t frequently updated, it wasn’t a reliable way to monitor and track your Page Rank score.

These days, domain and page authority play a major role in the ranking of any domain. Instead of 0 to 10. MOZ uses 0 to 100 ranking scale. The higher DA has a website, the better it is ranking in search engines.

As the rank gets higher, it becomes tougher to increase it. Getting Domain Authority of 50 and above requires a lot of time, work, and website optimization skills.

To stay competitive with businesses in your industry, you need to have higher authority than they do. If you get your score higher, your page will likely appear higher in search engine results and will generate more visitors, and conversions. By improving your DA, you’re increasing your chances of getting better rankings and increasing the probability users will visit your page before going to your competitor’s websites.

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Popular Tools To Check Domain Authority For Free

So how to check domain authority for your website? There are a number of popular free domain authority checker tools you can use.

You can use the following sites can help to measure your current Domain Authority score.

1. Open Site Explorer from MOZ 

The easiest tool. It’s free but requires a free account and limits the number of searches you can do each month.

Best Tools To Check Domain Authority and How To Increase It 1
MOZ Page and Domain Authority Checker

2. Ahref Domain Rating Checkers

ahrefs offer a free tool to check your domain authority score.

Best Tools To Check Domain Authority and How To Increase It 2
ahrefs free website authority tool

3. Linkgraph’s Free Bulk DA Checker

Offers a simple domain authority checker tool. This tool is free and you can check DA scores for multiple sites.

Best Tools To Check Domain Authority and How To Increase It 3
Linkgraph Page & Domain Authority Checker Tool

4. Domain Authority Checker

This one is from Website SEO Checker. It’s simple to use and in addition to the domain and page authority, it shows other useful data like a number of backlinks, domain age, Alexa score.

Best Tools To Check Domain Authority and How To Increase It 4
Website SEO Checker Tools

5. Small SEO Tools Authority Checker

Another free simple tool to use. There are a lot of ads, but it shows you Domain authority, page authority and Moz Rank score

Best Tools To Check Domain Authority and How To Increase It 5

6. SEO Review Tools Domain Authority Checker

One more Domain authority tool to check your website score. This one only shows domain authority, external links to the website, and the age of the website.

Best Tools To Check Domain Authority and How To Increase It 6
SEO Review Tools Domain Authority checker

You can use any of these tools to determine the Authority score of your website. All the tools on this list are absolutely free to use. Most of the tools on this list don’t require registration. To check the score on Moz, you need to create a free account.

How To Increase Domain Authority of Your Website

Now that you know how to check the Domain Authority score for your website, the next step is to find out how to increase your Domain Authority (DA) score.

VIDEO: How to Increase Domain Rating (Website Authority)

Focus on Link Building (Internal & External)

Link building is a key factor that search engines consider when ranking websites and determining domain authority. Internal links that are relevant to your content can help keep visitors on your site longer and guide them to other pages. In addition, internal links make it easier for search engines to index the pages on your website.

More important than internal links are external links from industry-authority websites. When the high-domain pages link to your content, Google assumes you offer quality information that is worthy to be featured and linked to. There are 3 principal ways how you can obtain backlinks.

The first is by creating reference-worthy content and earning your links from other websites.

 The second is buying them, and offering money for each link. We don’t recommend the second method because Google can notice and block your page or decrease your domain authority score.

The third one is by emailing the high-rank blog owners, and asking them to link your content. This one is quite hard, and they need to have serious reasons to link to your website, but also is the most valuable.

Link building is probably the hardest part of SEO and takes the longest to master. Consistency and persistence is the key when it comes to link building.

 Avoid Harmful Backlinks

Toxic backlinks can destroy all your hard work. If the backlinks to your website are coming from spam types of websites, they might be regarded as harmful. You should run backlinks reports to see where the links to your website are coming from. You can use the Google Disavow tool to tell Google not to use them. So what type of websites are considered to be harmful? Below is a list of sites you should avoid linking to you.

  • Spam sites, porn sites, payday loan sites, or gambling sites
  • Sites that are not indexed by Google
  • Sites with virus or malware warning
  • Sites with no page rank
  • Sites with an unusually large number of external links
  • Irrelevant sites

Toxic backlinks can damage your page authority and negatively impact your website traffic. To avoid this, discover and delete them immediately. If there are links, which you are unable to delete, reach out to the website owner and request that they remove them.

There are many excellent and free backlinks checker tools to detect and remove bad backlinks, the most popular ones are Ahrefs, and Google’s Disavow tools.

 Create High Quality Content

Content is the cornerstone for getting higher rankings. If you create epic content with a lot of value that is worthy to be shared, you won’t remain in the shadows. Great content contains relevant and detailed information about the given topic. It shows your expertise. Long-form content is better and Google prefers longer articles over shorter posts. Excellent content contains the right keywords and backlinks. Knowing how to choose the right keyword helps increase your visibility and get featured by the search engines.

Develop a User-Friendly Site Structure

User-friendly website Structure helps Google index your pages and include them in SERPs. People should be able to easily navigate your website, regardless of what device they’re accessing your website. Currently, there are 4.78 billion unique mobile users, and 73.2% of them own smartphones. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly on every type of mobile device.

Boost Your Social Presence

Don’t let your followers miss you! You must not only have a well-optimized website but also use social media to build your brand. Brand recognition leads to higher page and domain authority. To build a brand, you can use social media to connect with others who might be interested in your products and services. You can use social media to find new clients, connect to your current customers, and network with similar businesses. There are many companies that used social media to build their empires. Many businesses started on Instagram and YouTube. So don’t neglect social media and video marketing. When you build a large follwoing on these networks, you also increaseing the chances of people visiting your website to learn more about you. Always include links in your social media posts so people can easily find your website. The companies with large following are much more likely to have higher authority websites.


Domain authority is important, but you cannot control it directly. The domain authority score dependent upon many factors. If you follow the tips listed in this post you will see your domain authority score rise. Keep in mind, increasing your DA score will take time. You’ll never be able to increase your authority score overnight. But with consistent effort and diligence, you will likely see your score continue to rise and your traffic grow.

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