How To Write A Perfect Customer Service Email

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A well-written email you send to your customers can improve your business’s reputation, establish trust and loyal relationships with your customers, and generate more sales.

One of the most significant moments of a brand’s credibility and trustworthiness is providing great customer service at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Customers appreciate understanding and feeling that somebody is available to assist them if they have an issue with the services or goods they have paid for.

According to an Enghouse poll, 46% of customers prefer email to the phone as their preferred method of company communication. Therefore, an email is an excellent tool for establishing, maintaining, and nurturing client relationships. Customers can easily communicate how successfully, or poorly you handled email assistance thanks to the internet and social media. Since email has become an important part of customer service, the question is if you’re sending out better customer service emails that result in customer loyalty? 

The Importance of Good Customer Service Email

We’ve all had positive and negative customer service experiences, whether it was via mail, telephone, social networks, chatting, or in reality. These experiences stick with us for a long time, forming our feelings about the brand or organization. When our unpleasant experiences are shared with our larger network, it’s a disaster from the company’s standpoint for more than one reason. So, to avoid this chaos, companies developed a customer service email as a way for businesses to service, assist, care for, and manage problems for their customers. In fact, they assist people in making the most efficient and cost-effective usage of products and services. Resolving issues, responding to feedback, providing planning and installation assistance, troubleshooting, and aiding with updates and cancellations are all common jobs for customer support teams.

So, in this blog post, we will list 7 steps on how to write the perfect customer service email, and help you build strong loyalty. 

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How To Write a Good Customer Service Letter

Although each client interaction is different, there are recommended guidelines you should stick to when contacting customers.

Below are the 7 rules you need to keep in mind when writing a good customer email.

1. Personalize The Email

Don’t view your clients like numbers. Even if you have lots of messages in your inbox, there’s no way to make your consumers feel that they’re one of a hundred people with the same problem. Include their name in the greeting to personalize your message. You can even go above and beyond by matching their voice and tone. That doesn’t imply you should respond angrily to irritated customers. If the attitude is informal and natural, make sure your response is conversational as well. If the customer seems businesslike and detached, on the other hand, you can employ a more serious style.

2. Express Gratitude

This is a standard customer care procedure. Always express gratitude to your customers! Thank people for their curiosity about your product, for buying it, or for getting in touch with you. Simply said, let them know how grateful you are to have them as a customer. It is strongly advised that you show your appreciation at the start of your message.

3. Introduce Yourself Well

People appreciate the fact that they are communicating with a real person rather than a machine. Your consumers can decide whether they are speaking with someone who can assist them with their specific issue by knowing who they are speaking with. If you’re delivering an automated answer, put a sign with your name and position at the bottom of the email.

VIDEO: 8 Essential Customer Support Response Emails

4. Use Basic Terms

Your consumers approached you with a specific issue that they wanted to be resolved as fast and easily as possible. Use industry terms sparingly, as it will only confuse you and make customers feel inept. Give easy-to-follow instructions that are clear and basic. The ELI5 strategy doesn’t imply that you must treat your consumers like kids. Clearly explain the answer in simple phrases and concepts.

5. Offer To Help Them

Encourage customers to reply to the email to let you know whether they were able to solve the problem using your advice, or if they require additional support. This is very useful once you’re asking your consumer to remedy their issue on their own by following the necessary steps or directions. By making them aware that they may contact you again if they run into difficulties. Assure your customers you’re easy to reach and only an email away.

6. Make It Easy To Skim

The majority of customers hate reading long, wordy messages. Down into more manageable sections and use white space to allow your customers’ eyes to rest and absorb the info you’re providing. For explicit directions, use key points and a numbered list. If your instructions are lengthy and difficult to understand, offer a link to an educational article.

 7. Thank Them and Be Genuine

Don’t forget to thank them again after you’ve given them all the information they require. With a friendly tone, end your email. Don’t hesitate to include your name, title, and contact details in your cover letter.

The Bottom Line

Remember, customer service can make or break a company. Timely communication with your customers is critical for your brand reputation.

A well-written email can help you create your brand as honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

Follow the guidelines in this post to craft the best customer service email to reply to their concerns, provide the answers they want and keep your customers coming back for more.

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a marketer with a deep passion for all things digital marketing-related. Jessica enjoys writing, both for online outlets and academic assignments involving research papers, case studies, and essays. She especially enjoys loves to work with students who think, “I’d like some help to write my thesis better” because of their sincerity. Jessica reads, exercises, and tends to visit local nature resorts in her spare time.

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