How to Start a Youtube Channel That Gets A Ton Of Views and Subscribers [Plus 3 Success Cases]

how to start successful youtube channel

If you are a business, and you do not have a YouTube channel yet, you are missing out on an advertising goldmine.

Starting a YouTube Channel is like running a new business. It allows you to earn money if you have the right content and right strategy.

Whether you are a business reaching out to your target audience or an individual wanting to be an industry influencer, Youtube is an important platform to engage in.

Why? Let’s talk about the stats that do the talking.

The YouTube application has more than a whopping 10 billion downloads on Google Play and IOS combined. As of 2021, there are already more than 2 billion registered users on the video platform, as per Youtube’s official report. Additionally, they also revealed that the world watches around 1 billion hours of video per day.

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The data is staggering if you dig around for more.


If you want to create original and enlightening video content, Youtube is the best online video platform there is.

The statistics don’t lie.

People create a Youtube channel because of various reasons. But most people venture on starting a Youtube channel because of its ability to monetize videos.

And you can only monetize videos if you get enough viewers and subscribers.

What’s the best way to get more views and subscribers? Learn from those who already did it and did it well.

Yes, everyone wants to make it big on Youtube. But not everyone can make it.

So here are the case studies that we think you should check out if you want to create a Youtube Channel that gets more views and subscribers.

But first…

VIDEO: How to Create a YouTube Channel for Beginners

You have to know how to create a YouTube Channel. Here are some easy steps:

How To Set Up a YouTube Channel

  1. Make a YouTube account/Gmail account. As you may already know, last 2006, Google bought YouTube for US$1.65 billion, and now YouTube operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries.
  2. Connect it on YouTube and fill in and save important information.
  3. On the upper right, click the account icon and select “Your Channel” where you can customize your account name and picture
  4. Read, understand and choose “I Agree” on YouTube’s terms of Service
  5. Click Create Channel and manage settings
  6. Upload an interesting and quality video to gain more followers and subscribers
  7. Make them feel that you are a limited edition

To get added views and subscribers, it’s essential to observe the succeeding know-how and tips:

  1. Knowledge skills. Understand your passion, firepower and weaknesses
  2. Look for the target audience/ market
  3. Distinguish and master the precise content for your target audience/ market
  4. Choose a powerful title. The title should be keyword-specific. Utilize hashtags and create thumbnail for Youtube. The thumbnail should also be optimized. It must have the keywords you are targeting, be eye-catching, and speak your brand.
  5. Learn your audience’s attention in the earliest 10 seconds. Statistics show that 20% of users will quit a video if it hasn’t hooked them in the stated time frame.
  6. Be agreeable, innovative and offer answers to your audience’s challenges. Sometimes some crazy ideas are those that yield.
  7. Do some investigation and learn from your preferences beforehand all dissimilar channels. Learn from those who formerly did it and served it well. There are case investigations that we suppose you should check out if you need to create a YouTube Channel that gets fresh views and subscribers.
  8.  Give time and start. Make it a practice to regularly upload and schedule your videos. It can be every week on a Saturday understanding that by and large people are at quarters and everyone is accessible.
  9. Practice seeking information. Personally seeks facts on target market, and/ or competitors. Use connections or data networks to pull down useful information
  10. Place watermarks.
  11. Grab the user’s eyes. Optimize your YouTube Channel to attract followers. Try getting an online photo editor to make professional-looking banners or create a thumbnail for Youtube.
  12. Build confidence by being straightforward, add documentations, post credentials and hand over case research. Host webinars and teleconferences.
  13. Make your presence be felt. Be engaging by responding to commentary
  14. Try YouTube advertising. Set up it in the middle of the video

What’s the best way to get more views and subscribers? Learn from those who already did it and did it well.

So here are the case studies that we think you should check out if you want to create a Youtube Channel that gets more views and subscribers.

Three Case Studies You Need to Read to Create a Youtube Channel That Gets More Views and Subscribers

1. Videos that get you conversions (The Yoox Case Study)

How to Start a Youtube Channel That Gets A Ton Of Views and Subscribers [Plus 3 Success Cases] 1

The Brand

YOOX is one of the world’s leading online stores for awesome trends, must-have design and hottest craft that lasts a lifetime.

They are trusted by partners and consumers for over 20 years. It was created for those who love the bang of the discovery. It inspires men, women, and all genders around the world to express their iconic individualized fashion through a wide selection of well-formed yet affordable pieces to cherish season after season.

Despite the popularity and demand, it is undeniable that it is a highly competitive world and many fashion stores like Yoox have experienced a decrease in sales and revenue as e-commerce is continuing to evolve. They need to compete with thousands of competitors to survive.

With the Yoox Case study, you can learn how to make videos that create conversions.

The Campaign

The campaign’s aim s to fill online shopping carts for the holiday season that year. To do this, Yoox came up with “The Most Exclusive Collection” video campaign. It consists of a series of 25-second video ads that challenged viewers to purchase a unique item. The catch – and the fun part – is that if the viewer did not click on the advertisement immediately, it is gone forever.

If you aim to attract more video ad viewers and responders, check this adaptable and clever “Get it before it’s gone” ad campaign approach. It created an instant expression to the viewers that they should not take for granted a limited-time offer.

The Results

Users clicked the “Shop Now” button and they are redirected to the purchase page where they can buy the merchandise. The campaign resulted in six-figure sales and thousands of conversions. It got a view-through rate that is 23% higher than other Youtube video ads. The successful campaign is now a staple marketing strategy.

What You Can Learn – Actionable Tips From the Case Study

What doable strategies can you learn from this?

Four useful points to consider for your next direct response video campaign:

1. Be creative and scarce.

Since the first five seconds of a TrueView ad are not skippable, you have the full attention of users. These opening moments are your opportunity to entice the audience and show them that your ad will make them feel like a winner. They don’t want to miss the opportunity to save and regret it later. The satisfaction is indescribable once you already got the deal with the hope that the purchased item will put some spice on their closet and solve their problem so they keep watching. The content must be relevant with a touch of correctness, dynamism, fun and responsive results. Use video editing tools and

2. Be the first in using relevant animated tools.

The marketing approach increased the enjoyment and contentment of the users caused by dopamine which boosted the mood of the audience. The action plan –  Use quick cuts and bursts of action. Yoox reached this by giving an exciting experience, and leading viewers to act right away (to the tick of a countdown clock) in order to save the luxury item from destruction. The discounted price will make it appear special and increase the value of the product.

3. Be clear and to the point

Give your audience clear, short and specific instructions that will lead them to pay attention and buy your products. Use fonts and colors that match the purpose of your advertisement. In the ads, Yoox made the message clear and obvious, “Don’t miss it!” and “Shop Now”,

4. Select the highest yield and well-researched target market custom range

Ensure they’re delivered the message to people who will find them relevant. The age, priority list, buying capacity, culture and demographics are considered. 

Considering these four principles can auspiciously ensure that your video ads drive user action to your advantage. So whether you’re offering designer apparel and accessories or trying to generate new business leads, focus on building compelling, actionable creative targets to reach the right audience.

2. Multiply Your New Channel’s Video View 20x in 2 Weeks (The Hometech Case Study)

How to Start a Youtube Channel That Gets A Ton Of Views and Subscribers [Plus 3 Success Cases] 2

The Brand

Home Tech is a Youtube channel that focuses on technology. The channel usually reviews tech products like tablets, smartphones, Home Tech, and other digital devices. It also offers tips, unboxings, and tests to help viewers with their buying decisions.

The Campaign

If you observe the channel during its early stages, it has varying view counts. The first video on Lava Lamps only had 2.6k views, but the next one, which was about a British Gas Smart Meter raked in 48k. Then the next video tanked, and then the next one got great views again.

What’s happening here?

VidIQ studied how this relatively small Youtube Channel can multiply its views in just a short time. According to VidIQ, the creator may have done either or a combination of these things: play around with Google AdWords to boost views or target specific niche areas and test to see which topics can give them great views and engagement.

Another reason was: Timing. Home Tech’s successful product reviews can be attributed to the fact that they do unboxings days before the actual launch of the product. Since it is the first to make a video about an upcoming tech device, it’s only natural that it gest most of the views when buyers’ curiosity towards the product is at its peak.

The Results

The channel only has a few subscribers but it raked in views by the thousands on some of its home tech videos.

What You Can Learn – Actionable Tips From the Case Study

  1. Let your channel focus on products that tick.

If you started a new channel, you’ll have videos that tank and videos that generate a lot of views. With HomeTech, they started with really random product review videos. Then after some experimentation and trial and error, they were able to create videos that consistently attracted audiences and generated user engagement every time.

  • Timing is everything.

If you are reviewing products, timing is crucial. Coordinate with brands so that you can get the gadgets at least ten days before their release. The earlier the better. People are now relying on Google or Youtube to make buying decisions nowadays, so the first person who can post a comprehensive review on a product will have an advantage.

3. Run Brand Videos and Get Leads at the Same Time (The Chili’s Grill & Bar Case Study)

How to Start a Youtube Channel That Gets A Ton Of Views and Subscribers [Plus 3 Success Cases] 3

The Brand

Chili’s Grill & Bar is a casual dining restaurant chain in the United States of America. Larry Lavine founded it in 1975 and right now, it is managed and owned by Brinker International.

The Campaign

You don’t usually think of videos as the top platform when generating leads, but Chili has proven that it can be an effective tool to get prospects.

In 2018, Chili’s came up with a digital campaign to boost its 3 for $10 promo. What they did was to create a 15-second video that highlights one of the meals that you can get from the deal. The clever thing is that Chili’s marketing team also thought of getting people to sign up for the restaurant’s loyalty program. It created Form ads where users can immediately type their name and email address just below the video advertisement.

The campaign ended up generating over 7,800 form leads, a valuable addition for a campaign focused on brand consideration.

The Results

After the campaign, Chili’s generated more than 7,800 leads.

What You Can Learn – Actionable Tips From the Case Study

  1. Consider using metrics to measure video success and prove ROI.

Before you start the video campaign, always set your key performance indicators so that you can measure if it is successful or needs improvement. In Chili’s case, the brand used lead-generating tactics to measure the effectiveness of its ads.

  • Find innovative ways to reach new audience.

Before this campaign, Chili’s only way of getting leads was through in-store sign-ups using provided tablets. By leveraging video advertisements, the brand reached its untapped buyer resource on the internet.


When it comes to generating traffic for your YouTube channel, you need to be creative. There are many approaches to take, but one thing is for sure: not every idea will work. Just because you think your idea for the video will be popular, the outcome might not be what you expect. By analyzing data and traffic to see which videos are getting the most views and creating similar content, you’ll be able to grow your YouTube channel.

Another effective strategy is to study successful Youtube campaigns and popular channels with many followers and figure out why they’re thriving, and then do your best to replicate them.

Keep at it, and don’t give up. Successful YouTubers have proven that consistency and passion are the keys to building a successful YouTube channel.

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She is currently doing Blog Outreach for and SEO and marketing campaigns for SaaS startups and businesses.

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