How to Get Your Site Noticed and Rank Higher On Google

how to rank your blog higher on google

So, you have just started your blogging journey? Great!

It is always a fulfilling endeavor to put out helpful content for your audience that adds real value to them.

If you want to set up a successful blog, you need to make sure that you create valuable content that addresses the concerns and answers the questions of your target audience.

Whether you want to increase your website traffic, get more sales, or simply just want to increase your brand awareness, you need a blog with a purpose and a specific set of goals.

Running a blog means you have to be dedicated and patient. You need to keep your readers in mind and write for their benefit, not yours. Stand out from the crowd with quality content, and make your readers come back for more each time you update your blog

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Beginner bloggers often struggle to get traction when they first start. With so many established and authoritative blogs out there, it gets quite difficult for new bloggers to make themselves known to their target audience.

Blogging can be pretty tough at first. But with the right tools, an easy-to-follow process, and support from others who have been through it, you can not only survive but thrive as a blogger.

Successful blogging can be achieved if you know how to do it, and this article will go through 4 successful strategies to make your blog successful in the long run. Let’s get started!

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How To Get Higher Google Rankings for Your Blog

Setting up a blog is probably is the easiest part. You can use WordPress premade templates or Website Builders to quickly set up and launch your blog.

But the struggle begins when you have to post and promote content to generate traffic. And without traffic, your blog won’t survive for very long.

We want to help make things easy for you so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and start seeing a lot of traffic in relatively less time.

Below are 4 digital marketing strategies to make your blog more successful.

4 Ways That Can Help Make Your Blog More Successful

1. Write On Topics That “Matter”

First, you need to find trending topics in your niche and share knowledge and expertise about them. You need to make it better than your competition if you want to outrank them in search engine results.

If you want to see steady traffic, then you need to pick a few topics that are trending. These are the topics that “matter” in terms of traffic.

So, hop on to your keywords research tool and find keywords with high search volume and low difficulty scores,

Once you have aced these topics, then you can move on to the more competitive phrases and target them next.

You can also take help from Google Trends and look for how a keyword is doing in the trends to see whether you should go for it or not.

Other places to find topic ideas are Quora, Reddit, Wikipedia, and Buzzsumo. But possibilities are endless.

2. Use Social Media to Get Leverage

Once you have created the most in-depth piece of content on a topic, the next step is distribution. And although your blog is going to be the primary place for publishing content, you can use social media to drive more traffic by sharing and linking to your post.

By staying active on social media, you can grow your audience. And when you have an engaged following, you can easily drive traffic to your blog, by sharing links with your followers.

You need to share your piece of content on social media and if people find it valuable, you can direct them to your website by linking back to the original post you published.

If users find your content interesting, they’re more likely to share it on their social feeds, resulting in more traffic to your blog.

3.  Make Your Content SEO Friendly

If you want to make sure that search engines like your content, you need to optimize using the recommended SEO best practices. This is called on-page SEO optimization.

Best SEO practices include creating original content. If your content is not original. Google may flag you. You can use paraphrase online to check and remove plagiarism from your content.

You need to find keywords to write the content around. After that, you need to incorporate those keywords naturally into your content.

Also, make sure to link to authoritative sites in your content and also focus on getting backlinks from high-domain authority websites.

The bottom line is, by incorporating SEO with your digital marketing efforts, you can make your blog search engine friendly, driving more visitors to your website.

4. Post Consistently

For your blog to be successful, you need to blog consistently. There are various reasons why blogging is necessary and blogging consistently is a big one. Blogging regularly allows you to increase your chance of getting more subscribers via search engines. It will also help you drive targeted traffic and improve the overall traffic on your website.

Consistency might be one of the most important factors that can make or break the success of your blog. If you are not creating content on a regular basis your blog won’t rank very highly. Another indirect benefit of consistent blogging is an improvement. The more you blog, the better you become over time. Many top bloggers, cringe when they read their first articles. But being consistent and constantly improving, lead them to become where they are now.

If you post consistently, you can build a loyal following and connect to others who are interested in the same topics. So, create a content calendar for yourself and stick to it if you want your blog to succeed and grow.    

In Conclusion

It is normal to feel anxious when starting to blog. It’s also likely that beginner bloggers likely won’t see massive website traffic in a few weeks or even months. But with some patience, persistence, and discipline, anyone can succeed with blogging. For some, it comes naturally, for others it will take more practice and time. But if you chose to write about topics you’re passionate about, stay consistent and educate yourself about SEO and marketing strategies, you’ll see your traffic steadily growing.

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