How To Permanently Move Email Messages to Another Tab Inside Your Gmail

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How To Permanently Move Email Messages to Another Tab Inside Your Gmail

If you regularly use gmail tab feature you know that Google tends to organize your emails according to what they think is the most approprate category for your email.

If Google considers an email advertisement, it will likely end up in your Promotional tab.

It’s can be somewhat inconvenient since many emails were incorrectly labeled and placed in the wrong section.

Unfortunately, Google removed the feature where it allowed you to select an option to automatically send future emails to the tab of your choice.

You simply could drag the individual emails to the tab you wanted, but this would not guarantee that those emails would end up there next time you receive them.

You can always setup filters to help you manage your emails, but the process creating a filter can be time consuming.

Fortunately, Google brought a permanent filtering feature back. Now, if you use Gmail and drag your individual emails you’ll notice a new dialog box popping up. This popup ask if you want future emails from this sender to automatically appear in the tab of your choice? Selecting yes will guarantee that from now on it will show up there. (If you don’t see this box, you might have to check your gmail settings).

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Now you have a convenient way to organize your emails and only see emails you want withing the specific tabs.

Bonus: Even though you can’t rename the tabs, you can still use them to organize your inbox. You can use Primary tab only for important conversations. Social for social media related emails. Promotions tab for spammy emails and advertisements you might not want in spam right away. Updates and Forums tabs can be used for organizing other types of emails. I send all the tech-related emails to my Updates tab and latest news to my Forums tab. Obviously, there is no right or wrong way to organize your emails and you should use the system that makes the most sense to you.

It’s unfortunate that Google is not allowing users to rename the tabs or add the new ones. I know there aren’t too many people who receive emails associated with Forums. Until that happens, you can use the tabs that are currently there and filter your emails into specific categories to better manage your mailbox.

Now that Google allows you to automatically filter emails and permanently place them into the tab of your choice, you can quickly organize and manage your inbox.

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