How To Optimize a WordPress Site to Attract More Traffic

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When it comes to building and maintaining a website, you have many options. You can get techy and code it yourself. Of course, this is laborious and time intensive endeavor that requires knowledge of coding and other advanced technical skills. Fortunately there are better options.

Use WordPress to Build Your Website

Instead of coding your site from scratch, one of the best options is to go with pre-coded platforms such as WordPress. It’s incredibly popular (more than quarter of all the sites on the web are run on WordPress), easy to learn and is used not only by small companies but also favored by giant corporations and Fortune 500 companies, including Disney, New Yorker, Time Inc, and many others ( Source: WPBeginner )

WordPress Is Extremely SEO Friendly

There are many reasons to switch to WordPress. One huge benefit is how friendly WordPress is when it comes to SEO. According to Search Engine Watch, some of the benefits of using WordPress includes its ability to generate sitemaps, write seo-friendly titles and meta descriptions, use categories and tags and add plugins especially created to improve SEO in WordPress sites.

WordPress Optimization Strategies

In order to conduct search engine optimization, you first need to make sure your site is indexing properly. Luckily there are many tools available to simply this process. You can use plugins such as Yoast and All In One SEO and combine them with Google Search Console and Analytics to ensure your site is well optimized for performance and traffic.

You can use Google Search Console to check your site for technical errors. It also helps you analyze the performance of your pages to see which pages get the most visits so you can better understand your site’s traffic. You can also use Search console to check for other technical problems and also submit the sitemap to Google to ensure your site is properly indexed.

Looking to make the most of Google Search Console? Take a look at this super helpful guide from WPBeginner: 15 Tips for Using Google Search Console to Effectively Grow Your Website Traffic.

Determine the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicators)?

A lot of people get hung up only on traffic numbers—how many people visit your site or how many clicks you get. Of course, they’re important indicators, but there is a lot more data you need to consider. Some of these important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) include the time people spend on your site. It isn’t enough, of course, that they visit your site. You want them to linger, see what you have to offer, click around and check out the other pages on your site. Google uses analyzes many factors including the time visitors spend on the site and bounce rate to determine if the site is valuable and if it’s should move up in ranks. To better understand all these indicators, you can use Google Analytics to see what Google sees and use this data to improve your site and boost its rankings.

Competitive Analysis is Critical

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If you’re going to analyze your site in order to understand and improve your rankings, you also need to look at what’s happening with your competitors. How are they showing up in searches, and what keywords are they using. Knowing this information will help you improve your own pages to get better rankings. Finally, you also need to spend time working on cross-linking and getting backlinks to your site since it’s one of the most important aspects of SEO.

By switching your site to WordPress, combining Google SEO Tools and WordPress SEO plugins you can create a powerful marketing machine that will result in higher SEO rankings, more visits, better brand recognition and hopefully more business.

Check out this infographic from to see where some of the popular WordPress sites get their traffic. Click here to read full post.
Have a WordPress Site? Optimize It.

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