How To Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website – Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings

Improve SEO Ranking

Improving your SEO rankings can be complicated and time-consuming endeavor and if not done correctly can be a waste of time without yielding positive results. However, if you’re knowledgeable and know what tools to use and how to do it, you can drastically improve your search engine rankings in much less time. The following tips will show you how to improve SEO results and boost web page rankings.

Always include a link with SEO keywords you researched back to your website

Use links and anchors that carry keywords or phrases to help search engine figure out what content you’re offering. Include your site link in advertisements and email signatures when sending emails to your marketing list. Try to include your logo in all your online and offline marketing materials. This is a good way to build brand recognition of your site and business. Brand recognition is one of the most important factors when it comes to branding strategy and can increase your search engine rankings at the same time because people tend to trust  and interact with brands they easily recognize. Also when writing a guest blog remember to include your author bio that contain links back to your site, that use SEO keywords you found during your research, otherwise without a proper link credit guest blogging won’t yield great results.

Avoid using spam tactics and black-hat SEO techniques.

Search engines use spam filters and many other advanced tools to analyze every piece of content they crawl through. This means that if Google or other search engines find that your site does not contain quality content or uses some kind of black hat SEO techniques, they will exclude your site from their search result completely. You want to avoid this at all costs. Always provide quality content and use legitimate search engine optimization strategies. If you’re not sure if the method you’re using is a tactic approved by Google, check out Google webmaster policies to see what which methods are accepted by Google as legitimate and won’t get you banned from search engine results.

Aim to provide SEO friendly content that is informative, interesting and entertaining.

Writing articles that have SEO friendly content and are informative is essential for any post that you want to be popular online. Content that is interesting does not  viewed favorably by search engines, it will also engage your readers, increase your chances in getting more followers and boosting quality and number of links from other sites. Make sure your content is free of spelling and grammatical errors and type of content your readers find engaging. You can always include comment form below each content so users can comment and interact and that’s how you can free feedback about quality of your content.

Make sure to do keyword research to find proper keywords and phrases that are site specific.

It is important to find proper keyword and phrases you can use for your website and individual pages. You also must choose wisely when placing these keywords effectively on various pages and not overuse them. As was mentioned before, one of the spam tactics that was used before was word stuffing, or excessive use of SEO keywords in order to rank higher. You want to make sure that you only use words you like to rank higher for only few times on the page, otherwise it might trigger Google warning alarms and they might ban your site or your page completely from their results if they suspect overuse of certain words on a single page. Limit how many times you use these keywords and try to use them in strategic places, like titles and sub-heads and mark them with H tags to show emphasis.

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Boost blog seo traffic with frequently updated content

Google and other search engines love blogs that are relevant, informative and are specific to specific industry. Posting often, can greatly help increase your website and blog traffic. Posting relevant content that shows that you’re knowledgeable in your field does not only increases your reputation online but will also grow your visibility in search results as well. Google search engine has evolved over time and is able to distinguish a good post written by someone who’s an expert from poorly written one. So don’t go for quantity, but instead concentrate on high quality content that people will enjoy reading and sharing. As they say, “write for people, not search engines” if you want your content to rank higher.

Use social networking sites to increase visibility.

You can’t escape social media these days, it’s omnipresent and for good reasons. If you want your content to “have legs”, you must integrate social media tools into every piece of the content you publish. You must include social media widgets and buttons with every post to makes your content is easily shareable. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networks can be very effective in increasing your blog visibility and longevity. The best part of using and utilizing social media tools is the fact that most of them are free and and using them is extremely easy. To integrate widget into your site, you simply stylize them, get the code and paste them into your site. That’s it. Now you don’t have an excuse not to use them and if you build decent enough audience you will see how beneficial these social media tools can become.

Use SEO keywords in your titles that you think people might use when searching for your product or business.

As was mentioned before choosing the right keywords is critical. However the chances are you will not rank high for generic keywords and you must do diligent work to find “long-tail” keywords to ensure you rank highly for these terms. “Long-tail” keywords are simply keyword and phrases that are very specific to your industry and are not extremely competitive, but people use them to find exact topics they’re interested in and hopefully your blog or article offers. If you are writing about surfing, don’t just use “Surfing” as your title. Include keywords such as “Big Wave Surfing”, “Surfing Secret Spots”, or “NY Best Places to Surf” etc. Try to think as a person looking to find this type of information. What would you type if you were trying to find this information. You want to be as specific as possible in finding these keywords but also consider the fact that people will need to be able to find your page so don’t use phrases you know no one will use. Of course there are many tools you can use to find these pages. 

Check out some of best free seo and marketing toolswe put together for you to help you in your quest.

Hopefully these strategies will help you optimize and rank your sites and web pages higher. These methods have been time tested and even though very simple and straightforward will help you in a long run if you practice them diligently.

Ten Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

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