How To Get More Business from Your Existing Clients

grow business with current clients

The one major mistake many small business owners make is assuming their existing clients no longer offer any opportunities. Instead, they invest more time looking for new clients without making the most of the existing ones they already have. This is where many businesses get it wrong According to Harvard Business Review, it’s 5-25 times more expensive to attract new clients than it is to generate revenue from the existing ones.

There is a large unearthed goldmine to tap from your existing customers. As you try to grow and find more work, here are a few ways you can leverage your existing clients to help you drum up business.

#1 Always be useful

What value are you adding to your clients? If you want your existing clients to bring you more business you need to keep doing something that makes them need you. You need to look for ways to be useful to them. Send them regular emails or newsletters reminding them about your products or services. Create a space such as blogs or Facebook Pages, where you can put up necessary information that would be useful to them, share resources like how-to guides, DIY, PDF journals that contain valuable information about their business. Keep them thirsting for more, and make services available that can cater to other needs that may arise. For example, if you share a DIY guide, remember to add in the guide that your business also renders the same service and can do it at an even faster rate, if they don’t have the time to do it themselves.

#2 Build relationships

How close is your client to your customer base? How close are you to them? Build a tightly knit relationship with your customers and clients such that they feel they are your best buds. Relate closely with them, find out their business problems and proffer possible solutions that your company can give them. Don’t let your communication stagnate. Keep in touch with your customers and show them you care about them and their business.

Customer service should be an integral part of your business and marketing strategy. Don’t generalize when talking to them, get as personal as possible – (Except the client prefers otherwise). Take notes while they are talking with you so you can remember every detail about every client in future communications. When your customers know they have a special place in your heart they would love to keep in touch.

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Customers love to do business with people they are familiar with. Bottom line is that if you make your customers feel loved and appreciated, it will create long term relationships that will ultimately lead to an increase in revenue

#3 Underpromise and Overdeliver

How excellent was that job you delivered? Did you put in your best? When you do good work, your clients will come back. Everybody loves quality service. If you do it well, they will return and maybe bring with them a friend or two. Good work precedes referrals. When you do a good job, you not only retain your client, you showcase yourself to other prospective clients too. However, the same way your reputation is showcased if you do a good job, if you do a terrible one, you are also chasing off potential clients. Bad news travels fast, so also does a job that was badly done. Try to always deliver 100% on every contract or job you take on.

#4 Upsell Your Clients

What extra service can you add to that which you already render? Or how can you upgrade that which you already do to bring in more profit? Do a concrete research of your competition and find out what you need to improve on in your business that you can cross-sell to your existing clients. Encourage them to upgrade their packages and explain how an upgrade would be beneficial to them.

Clients love to see that they are getting value for their money. Be bold. Show them related products that would complement what they purchase and how getting both of them would be a good deal despite the additional costs.

#5 Be Trustworthy

Always and always let your customers know they are your top priority, and treat them as such. Stick to and always uphold your end of business deals and contracts. Let your yes be yes no matter what. Don’t make shady deals or do anything to sabotage your clients and their interests. When your client knows that they are in safe hands, they would love to keep doing business with you.

#6 Be One Step Ahead

Do you know you can work on the solution to your clients’ problems even before they know they would have it? You only have to do your homework. Learn about your clients’ businesses, their needs and shortcomings. Are they having some challenges? How can your business solve that problem? If you can help them solve their pain points and find a solution that will ultimately get them more leads, help them increase sales or achieve whatever goals they need to achieve, you will gain many loyal customers in the process.

#7 Ask for Feedback

How do you know if you’re doing it right? Feedback! Don’t be the one doing all the talking. Let your customers and clients have a voice too. Encourage them to give feedback on services rendered or jobs done. Do they like it? How can you improve? Was it a job well done? There’s only one way to find out, ask for feedback. Now, once you have gotten this, put them to good use. If a client complained about something, get it right the next time, and if it was a job well-done, give yourself a pat on the back.

As you start to implement these tips in your business, always remember: a happy and satisfied client will come back for more. Get ahead of the game!

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