How To Find the Perfect Font Combination for Your Website

how to find the perfect font

Finding the right font for your website is an essential part of the design process. Choosing typefaces that complement the aesthetic of your project is an important skill that can take years to master.

The font you chose for your website should look professional and easy to read. It also should match the overall look of your website theme.

There are many places to learn about fonts and how to select the right font for your design projects.

In this post, I want to share a few resources to help you learn about fonts and typography. These typography resources won’t make you an expert overnight, but you’ll gain enough knowledge to make your designs look clean, modern, and professional.

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Learn About Fonts & Web Typography

  • Butterick’s Practical Typography  – Online book that covers typography basics. Chapters include: what is typography, why does typography matter, what is good typography, etc)
  • Typography Handbook – A concise, referential guide on best web typographic practices.
  • 50 Top Typography Tutorials – Great list from Creativebloq. Typography tutorials will improve your skills and make you more knowledgeable when working with fonts. The comprehensive list includes links to typography basics, tutorials, and many videos.
  • A Crash Course in Typography: The Basics of Type. Nice course in typography from Cameron Chapman. Learn the difference between Typeface and Fonts, see examples of multiple typefaces, and font choices, and learn about popular font families, etc.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Basic Typography – Learn the essential terms used in typography. Find out about the history of typography, learn about font categories, the difference between serifs and sans serifs, and much more.
  • Canva’s Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing – After you pick a font, you are then given 4 other fonts that work well with the font you selected. Easy font pairing.
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Learn How to Pair Fonts & Find Perfect Font Combinations

Finding a perfect font pair for your web project can be a daunting task. There are many free fonts available. Often the number of free fonts can be overwhelming, especially for new designers. In Google alone, there are over 600 typefaces readily available for you to use. Many of the fonts in Google library are not high quality, but there are many that are and are used on many design websites. With so many choices it can be difficult for designers to find a perfect font combination. Many top designers agree that pairing typefaces is not easy and many free fonts you can find online and in Google might not work well on your website. The following links and resources will help you find perfect font and font combinations for your website.

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  • Font Pairing For Designers 101, Plus 10 Free Font Pairing Tools. This is another excellent comprehensive list of typography resources. Browse tips for effective font pairing and learn everything there is to know about matching fonts and using font combinations.
  • 10 Useful Google Font Combinations – If you’re using Google fonts, you might find this post helpful. It includes the code you need to embed and use the fonts on your website.
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Font Inspiration Websites & Font Galleries

Another way to find a perfect font and font combination for your website is by browsing font galleries online. There are many websites and typography blogs where you can find inspiration when it comes to fonts.
Regardless if you are a new designer or somebody who’s been designing for a long time, there is something for everyone.

Get inspired with these typography galleries. Browse typography examples and find font combinations you like. Then apply them in your design projects.

  • Web Font Inspiration – This is a beautiful gallery of real fonts and font pairing use on the web. This is one of my favorite resources to get inspired when it comes to web typography. The list includes the names of the fonts and the website it’s used.
  • FontPair  – List of Font Pairs. Browse a list of popular Google font combinations and apply them to your website.
  • Typewolf – Another popular gallery for browsing fonts. It’s not focused on font combinations, instead, it showcases the beautiful use of fonts on the web
  • 36 Perfect Font Pairing – You need a quick jolt of inspiration? Check out these Google font pairing examples you can use in your designs.
  • 82 Best Free Fonts for Designers – Another list from Creativebloq. This one includes links and screenshots of free fonts you can find on the web and use for free.
  • Typography Daily – Daily updated gallery of typography on the web with info about each post.
  • Friends of Type – This is mainly for curiosity. All kinds of funky fonts and designs that use typography. 
  • Fonts In Use – Showcase of real-world typography use. You can see what fonts are used on book covers, signs, and clothes.
  • Just My Type – On this website, you’ll find examples of text typography. See how the text looks on the website and replicate it in your designs
  • Reliable – Beautiful collection of Google font pairings displayed beautifully with graphics to get you inspired.
  • Google Type Showcase – See beautiful examples of Google fonts and see how they’re used in the body text.
  • Beautiful Web Type – A showcase of the best typefaces from the Google web font directory.
  • Pinterest Font Inspiration – There are many examples of amazing typography on Pinterest
  • 30 Beautiful Google Fonts for Your Website – Nice list of 30 most popular and versatile Google fonts.

One of the easiest ways to improve the aesthetics of your next design project is to choose the right font. Unfortunately, many designers either don’t know enough or simply skip the step of picking the fonts to compliment their designs. If you’re looking for resources to learn about web typography and font pairing these resources will show you how to find the perfect font and font combination for your next design project.

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