How To Do Effective Video Marketing for Your Small Business


By 2021, 80 percent of global internet consumption is expected to be video content. Why? Consumers have short attention spans. Video marketing provides a sense of instant gratification that text-based content cannot.
To remain competitive, you have to embrace video marketing and do it effectively. Here are five best video marketing practices you should be using.

Optimize Your Videos For Search

Video SEO is similar to regular SEO and refers to optimization of title, thumbnail, and description of your video.  It’s important to include proper keywords so your video can be easily found by your intended audience. This information is crucial since it will not only help users find your video content but will also determine whether or not they will want to watch it based on the title and description you provide.

Title selection can have a huge impact on video marketing success. Include target keywords as close to the front of the title as is possible without sounding awkward or forced. Tell viewers what they are about to see in 60 characters or less. Otherwise, the title may be cut off in the search results.

Supplement the title with a more in-depth video description. Work the target keyword in at the front of the description. Pepper the rest with semantically related keywords for an additional SEO boost. Include links to other relevant content, such as your social profiles or web page.

Most importantly is to create and choose an eye-catching thumbnail, something that will make viewers want to see more. When adding tags, focus on three to five highly relevant terms (including your target keyword) that your audience is likely to enter when searching for your content.

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VIDEO: Video Marketing for Small Business

Add Video to Your Website and Landing Pages

Video content can increase organic traffic from search engine page results (SERPS) by 157 percent. Video marketing also keeps visitors on your pages longer because it’s more entertaining, engaging and easily digestible.

Relevant video content should be included on landing pages to demonstrate products, increase brand awareness and create a more memorable experience. Adding a product video to a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent.

Plus, with video marketing, viewers retain 95 percent of the message, compared to just 10 percent with text-based content.

Incorporate Video as Part of Your Email Strategy

Adding the word “video” in an email subject line can improve open rates by 19 percent and click-through rates by 65 percent. Adding video to emails is easy. Simply insert a thumbnail image and link to your video.

Video can also be embedded directly, but it may not display properly in all browsers.

Expand Your Audience Through Social Sharing and Paid Ads

Video marketing and social media go hand in hand. In fact, video content is shared on social media 1,200 percent more than links and text content combined. While hosted videos will generate results, native video receives 10 times the reach.

Also keep in mind, 85 percent of Facebook video is watched without the sound, so make sure your message can be received in a visual-only format. Use subtitles where appropriate.

As social media algorithms continue to evolve, it’s important to take a pay-to-play approach to video marketing. Paid ads on social media are objective-specific and can help you reach goals, such as driving traffic and increasing conversions. If you opt to use in-stream ads on YouTube, keep in mind that users may be able to skip after 5 seconds, so make your point quickly.

Use Video to Educate Consumers and Increase Sales

Video marketing is the perfect small business sales tool. Not only have 81 percent of consumers been convinced to purchase a product or service after watching a brand video, but 44 percent prefer to learn about products this way.

Why has video become essential for a successful marketing mix? Because it’s what consumers want; it’s what they’ve come to expect, and as they say: the customer’s always right.

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