How to Create Content to Attract Backlinks

how to build backlinks

The best thing about content is that you can use it in many ways to market your website and services. You can create content with a specific goal to increase conversion rates, for example. Or, you can choose to create content that increases engagement or reach. Content marketing is growing in importance, and the fact that content is so versatile and effective is one of the main reasons.

If you are looking for ways to rank better in search engine results, the quality of your content will play an important role. But it will not be the only thing that matters. Mobile-friendly user experience is also a factor that determines your website’s rankings. Technical factors, such as the way you resolve the cloud vs VPS for hosting dilemma, are also important. And then, there are backlinks.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

The simple answer to the question why backlinks are so important is — because Google considers backlinks as one of the major factors when determining the quality of the website. A large part of search engine optimization is concerned with getting a good ranking on Google’s search engine. After all, it’s the most-used search engine, and you can’t ignore it if you want to attract traffic.

However, it’s not just any backlinks that matter. It’s true that Google’s algorithms value backlinks, but it also takes into account their number and quality, as well as website authority that is linking back. These are all important signals that determine how worthy your page is of appearing in front of the users when they search for a specific term.

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Specific keywords once were the main focus when it came to optimizing the website. Then Google updated their algorithm penalizing sites that used black hat seo and other shady strategies, so optimizing for specific keywords became less important. Today keywords are still important and you should conduct keyword research, but mainly keyword are best used for content ideas.

Understanding Your Audience

When you are creating content that should attract backlinks, you have to understand who your primary audience is. With regular content creation, your audience is consumers, customers, and users. It doesn’t matter whether you have a B2C or B2B business model, the person who buys your product or service is your main audience.

With backlink-worthy content, your audience is different. You create this type of content to make it appealing to other content creators. They are the ones who will decide to include a link to your content, and they will do it if they find your content valuable. And there’s nothing more valuable than content that takes a lot of time or money to produce.

Creating Value

When content creators link to your content, they are doing it because your content is well produced and offers real value. It might be some piece of information, or it might be the way you packaged that information. Whatever the reason why others decide to link to your content, it will need to be well written and produced so others will want to link to it. No one wants to link to a piece of content that’s poorly written or not well researched. By taking your time and creating content others want to link to, you will ensure steady growth of backlinks and traffic.

Sooner than later, you will notice a problem with link-worthy content. The fact that there is a content gap means that the content is either not interesting enough or difficult to produce. If it’s the former, you shouldn’t bother with creating that type of content. If it’s the latter, you should understand that you will need to set aside more resources than usual for content production. The most link-worthy content, studies, surveys, and high-quality infographics, are expensive to produce. You need specialized talent, time, and enough money to fund it all.

The Link Building Strategies

So how do you get backlinks? The typical link-worthy content production process starts with topic-finding opportunities. Usually, this is the stage where you do research to find most popular and trending topics to see what you should write about. There are many tools for finding great topics. We covered some of these tools for finding topics to write about.

After you decide on the topic, then comes the hard part, content creation. After you create and publish your content,  the work is still not done. You need to make sure the content is optimized for search engines. You also need to promote your post, if you want others to easily find it and share it with others. There are many promotional strategies you can use, and we’ll discuss some of them in future posts, but one thing you must remember, that writing a post that generates traffic and attracts links requires that you must attend to all stages of this process. Skipping discovery or promotional stage will result in your content never getting the attention it deserves.

Once the backlinks come in, you’ll notice the boost in traffic. If you did everything well, the content you produced will have a great-searching engine positioning, website traffic, and user engagement. Content that attracts backlinks might take longer to produce, but the time you spend creating will be well worth it. And you will be benefiting from the results for a long time to come.

How to Get Backlinks Without Begging
Source: 14 Ways to Get Backlinks Without Begging (Infographic)

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