How To Add Comments and Annotations to Your Screenshots

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How To Add Comments and Annotations to Your Screenshots

Do you want to stop wasting time when you need to provide feedback regarding web changes?

Usually, the process of adding annotations using screen capture involves taking a screenshot, downloading it, opening it photoshop, adding comments, then saving the file and finally emailing it.

This can be quiet time-consuming. In this article, I want to share a couple of great tools I use for adding comments and annotations to screenshots to help speed up and  improves client communication.

#1 Gmail Screenshot

The first tool, which I recently discovered is Gmail Screenshot. It’s part of cloudHQ Suite plugins. CloudHQ offers many amazing plugins and I encourage you to check them all out. For this article,  I only want to mention Gmail Screenshot.

Don’t let the name fool you, Gmail Screenshot can take screenshots of any page, not just Gmail, and will allow you to quickly add comments to any screen capture and generate the link. This means no more downloading or uploading the files. Simply send the link that gets generated after you create a screenshot with your comments. In addition to adding text, you can crop images, add boxes, use paintbrush, eraser and add arrows.

If you want to quickly and efficiently send comments and feedback, I highly recommend you try this tool.

screenshot tools free

No more wasting time writing explanations. Take the screenshot, add comments, get the link, send. Done.

Install Link: Gmail Screenshot Extention


#2 Nimbus

The second tool for adding comments to your screenshots is Nimbus.

Nimbus is a multi-feature Chrome extension, but it’s also available for other browsers.

Nimbus is great for taking regular full-page screenshots, and it’s the tool I’ve been using the most for creating full page screen captures. It has many cool features and settings and I’ll cover them in another post. For this article, I want to focus on their feedback tool for adding comments to screenshots.

screenshot capture tools

This extension works in a similar way to Gmail Screenshot app. You take a screenshot using one of the options available, full page, visible part, delayed screen capture, etc. Then Nimbus takes you to the next screen where you can use arrows, boxes, text and other tools to provide your feedback.

put comments on screenshots

If you’re not registered this extension requires you to download the image. If you prefer to send the image using the link, without downloading, you need to register.

Install Link: Nimbus Extention

#3 Dropbox

How To Add Comments and Annotations to Your Screenshots 1

Did you know you can now add comments in Dropbox directly inside the files?

Simply open the file and drag your mouse while holding down the button on the area where you want to leave comments. You should see a yellow box. Once you finished drawing the box, you should see the Comments box in the right column where you would put comments specific for the section you just outlined.

How To Add Comments and Annotations to Your Screenshots 2
Use Dropbox for feedback

#4 Symu

Symu is another tool I want to include and it works slightly differently than Nimbus and Gmail Screenshot apps.

Symu is a website which allows you to upload your screenshots and leave comments on the images you upload. It accepts jpg and pdfs.

Once you upload your screenshot, Symu generates the link you can share with others. Anyone who has the link can put comments and provide feedback regarding the changes.

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The free account allows you to create a single project, but you can also upload multiple versions, which can be different pages.

Link: Symu

That’s it. Three extremely useful tools for adding annotations and providing feedback visually. These apps made me much more efficient in communicating with clients and if you use them, I can guarantee they will boost your productivity also. The ability to add your comments to screenshots without writing a lengthy explanation can be an amazing time saver.

If you know of any other free tools for providing feedback you want to recommend, please use comments below.

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