Designer Developer Collaboration. Strategies for Smooth Development Process


Designers and developers have been working side by side since the first days of the web. Most websites and apps can’t function properly without the two groups working together in harmony.

In any design project, you will always have designers and developers involved at various stages. Though their methods and working styles differ greatly, there are a lot of things that need to be cohesive.

However, there are times when the two careers don’t mesh perfectly. Let’s look at the various ways designers and developers can work together to make the development process run more smoothly.

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Tips for Successful Designer Developer Collaboration

For any project to be successful, it’s crucial for both designers and developers to work smoothly together. Their work, though different in nature, must be equal in terms of commitment and contribution. It’s all about finding ways for these two groups to complement each other, creating a harmonious partnership that propels the project toward success.

Below are a few strategies to ensure designers and developers work well together.

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Create Synergy

For any successful project, there has to be a dedicated effort coming both from the developers and from the designers. No matter how they view the project, the work that they put into it needs to be equal. Finding ways in which the two groups can complement each other is crucial for the project to succeed.

For instance, it’s always important to include designers in meetings with developers so that they can have a voice in the process. This helps them become a critical component in the overall success of the project. By finding ways that the two sides can work together harmoniously, will help run the project more smoothly.

Keep Communications Open

If you encourage two-way communication and exchange of ideas as part of your design process and development plan, you can drastically improve the chances of project finishing on time.

If developers and designers regularly consult one another on their progress, ideas, etc. they will create an environment where everyone knows exactly what their responsibilities are and how they can contribute to moving the project forward.

Bouncing ideas and thinking outside of the box will also help make the project more fun and creative! It’s mutual understanding and respect that ensure an agreeable working relationship between the two groups.

Another strategy is worth considering is reorganizing your workspace to improve the workflow. You can hire app developers and designers and put them in the close proximity of each other to encourage interaction among them. This type of arrangement facilitates faster information sharing than having these groups work in separate locations and only using digital means of communication.

Every job is important

Everyone is good at something. Whether you’re an amazing coder, a top-notch designer, or a skilled gamer, every human is an expert on something. So why not consider each job equally as important and crucial to the success of the project.

Treating developers and designers with respect will go a long way of improving the quality of work they produce. Not to mention a boost in employee morale. Each group complements each other and neither one can succeed without working closely with one another.

Take the load off

To ensure there is a good working environment, designers should ensure their work is consistent, timely and done in consultation with developers. If the designs are complex and cannot be explained easily, designers should consider using prototypes, sketches, graphics and other forms of visual guides to help developers better understand their work.

The same goes for developers. Find ways to make your plans and intentions clear to help designers with their designs. By implementing ways to make each other’s jobs easier you can make projects much less stressful for everyone involved.

Make friends

The mistake some designers make is that they only interact with developers only when they have to during the actual project. To build a great working relationship, designers and developers should regularly interact with each other. This should go beyond just working hours. Management should facilitate and encourage both groups to spend time together and socialize during and after work.

Another important point to keep in mind is regardless of whether you are a designer or a developer, you should always keep an open mind and be willing to learn from others. Take the time to acknowledge that you might not know many of the things others know and take for granted. And this goes both ways. You should be willing to teach and help others in better understanding your skills and be willing to share your knowldege.

By finding fun ways and encouraging developers and designers to work together, you will ensure your project will a great success.

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